Extra Fuel Emergency Fuel Solution

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And you thought $4 a gallon was crazy.

Does anyone know the octane equivalency of this product? Cars with a turbo can be damaged by low octane fuel.

Let’s all watch Extra Fuel in action [youtube=8D3-KS_5hug][/youtube]

The woot description says 91 octane.

I think you’ve guys have had too much coke.

That first review at amazon might have some well needed information for those of you that plan on relying on this:

AKA the part about your engine needing to be warm/dont use it in winter.

***By Morgas
Amazon Verified Purchase
If you expect this to be a straight up gasoline replacement in winter, you might be in trouble when you need it. There are definitely things you need to know about this product in order to count on it. So lets say you run out of gas in your car/boat/lawnmower… the way it works is when you fill up the tank with this solution, the theory is, that your car(or other device) is warmed up, and there is enough residual gasoline in your lines to “spark” the rest of the solution, thereby allowing you to run on this fuel until you can reach a gas station and refill. This product has a 105F degree minimum flash point that it needs to achieve before it can take a spark and run off of. So if you run out of gas in the winter… and you wait too long… your car might get too cold for this to be effective. Also, trying to run it direct without any other type of fuel might not work either unless you have a way of preheating the solution over it’s flash point. As for it being safe to store on hot days, this is a quote from the FAQ of the manufacturer:

"extraFuel develops less pressure than a container of orange juice when exposed to high temperatures. The vapors are not explosive. The only way it would catch fire, would be when raised to a temperature above its flash point and if the fuel were exposed to a spark or a flame. However, ExtraFuel is packaged in a bottle where the mouth of the container is heat sealed with foil seal, protected by a child safety cap. That makes it difficult for a spark or flame to get near the liquid. This product is not flammable. "

also, don’t throw away the cardboard paper thing that comes attached to the extrafuel, that is actually a funnel that you can use when you need to pour it into your gas tank. I almost threw it away thinking it was just some advertising tag.***

I don’t get it! How is this not flammable?

It’s not that it isn’t flammable, its that the vapors are not explosive. It will still burn if caught in a flame but the claim is that unlike gas, you don’t have to worry about explosive vapors leaking out and being ignited by an electrical spark.


Not to mention, if it’s EPA and DOT approved, where is the MSDS? Isn’t that required?
Perhaps an oversight? Or maybe someone is afraid you could find out what’s actually in it and realize it might be worth significantly less than they want to sell it for?

It’s almost like arguing semantics here. Flammable means it can easily catch on fire, likely with just a spark. This product is ‘combustible’ which means it can burn if the right conditions are met. Conditions like if you car just stopped and you added this and used it while your engine is still 200+ degrees hot.

$35 for a gallon. $3500 to rebuild your engine after you use it.

It has a minimum flashpoint of 105F, well here in the desert southwest it has been 105+F for several weeks now. So maybe they should add a disclaimer this is ‘perfectly safe’ unless you live in a hot desert.

I’ve had unopened coke cans explode in my car on days I didn’t even consider hot. I wonder how this would fair…

Anyone find any info on people using this in hotter regions?

This is basically Pennzoil Rescue all over again. Probably based on a Hydrotreated heavy Naptha. I couldn’t find the MSDS for this one, but here is the one for the similar previous product:

sigh Okay, time for a chemistry lesson.

The minimum flashpoint isn’t the point at which it suddenly spontaneously combusts. Otherwise, as gasoline’s minimum flashpoint is (as they point out) in the -50 F or so range, nobody would be able to even drive near your desert without their fuel tank exploding.

The minimum flashpoint is the temperature below which the substance will not catch fire at all.

So, if you take this substance into a desert, and expose it to 110 degree heat until it is completely warmed up, and then you puncture the container, and then you throw a lighted match into the resulting puddle, it will catch on fire and burn, although not explosively, and probably not very well. If you do that same thing but the temperature is less than 100 degrees? Most likely your match will just go out.

So yes, it is marginally less safe in 110 degree heat than it is in 70 degree weather, but it’s still MUCH less dangerous than carrying around an extra half gallon of gas, and also much less dangerous than carrying around a half-gallon of Jack Daniels (flashpoint: 75° F).