Extra Stuff For The Tool Lover

For anyone looking for the “MAXCRAFT 60181 27-LED Compact Worklight” that’s sold out, Harbor Freight has virtually the same light for a buck, or often for free with a coupon and any other purchase.

The “TEKTON 2840 105-pc. Everybit ™ Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set” is cheaper on Amazon ($27.81):


We have lowered our price to $19.99! Anyone who bought prior to the price drop will be refunded the difference- CS should be in contact.

TEKTON 7620 40 pound pickup tool regularly $17.00 and WOOT is offering it for $16.99? Geez if they offer it somewhere else local I could pay full price and save $4.99 on shipping. I miss the old WOOT where I saved money.