Extra WA840G Motorola Wireless Bridge?


Last time these got wooted was back in July I believe, and I’ve been waiting around for them to appear again. Since it seems at this point they’ll never be wooted again, I’m curious if anyone happens to have an extra one they’re not using that they’d be willing to sell. Anyone? Please? Let me know.


“Concealed” is offering a WA840G, if it’s still available :

on www.wootswap.com



Try checking this site out, you may not find exactly the item you’re looking for, but they always have good deals! http://www.geeks.com/products.asp?cat=NET


but www.wootswap.com is more fun.


How in the WORLD did I not know about that? I know I don’t follow the forums nearly as much as a dedicated wooter should, but still… I must be losing it. That’s exactly what I was needing. Now I’ve got a new site to waste hours of the day on. Thanks!


lol, … I can’t argue with you on that point… way more fun the Wootswap is!! Always good to give folks a few alternatives