Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack

Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: 375ml Bottles
1 375ml Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil
1 375ml Red Chili Infused Culinary Oil
1 375ml Blood Orange Infused Culinary Oil
1 375ml Meyer Lemon Infused Culinary Oil

FYI, this is fully endorsed by this guy:

Funny. I just tried out 3 of the oils last night at dinner with my mom. Here is a cross-post from what I posted in the Pub last night:

The oils are certainly quite good, and I hope they come up again sometime in the future. Just too soon for me to order more already, even though I gave my mom some of the oils poured into containers she had on hand.

Just bought these…I really like them, but they aren’t as strong as I had hoped.

Bah. We need a food woot. All these non-wine woots are getting in the way of my woot wine buying.

or giving our wallets time to recover

Don’t forget, fellow Woot-ers, Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away!

I bought these as well - two sets of four, one set to give out as gifts.

Last night I pan fried some local white fish with the Meyer Lemon, and it was indeed very tasty. Subtle, as others pointed out, but enough to notice. The meal was very enjoyable and I’m glad I made the purchase.

KR Pinot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Infuriating infusions

For some of our parents this would work better as a Father’s day gift. Some moms just don’t cook much.

Glad to see that I will have ample time to workout before another wine offering. Geez, at $45 shipped, you would think that these came from OPEC!

I’m sorry but I just can’t get infused by this offering.

Ordered these last week also, very pleased with them thus far.

Garlic and red pepper have been awesome with veggies and for the dipping of bread.

+1 for blood orange and seafood.

Momma would be happy to get these next sunday.

A fine, fine point! Don’t forget the dads!

(I ended up getting two sets; one for me, one for mom.)

Feels like a damn garage sale…

Sounds good but $45 is a bit high for 4x375ml bottle of infused oil. Now if they were infused with truffles, or porcini or something more rare, or the oils were rare like walnut, avocado or the like hen maybe.

I just make my own. Just did a quart of Mojo de Ajo this weekend. Mmmmmmmmmmm…garlic.

has it been 12 hrs yet?

Maybe we just don’t understand, and it’s just too infusing for us?

I too bought these a few weeks back. Great quality, though I’ll agree with some of the other posts that state the flavor is more subtle than dominant. Looking forward to trying the lemon infused with some white fish this evening. Great quality, a little pricey…but worth it for this kitchen “hack”.