Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack

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Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack [375ml Bottles] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 375ml Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil, 1 * 375ml Red Chili Infused Culinary Oil, 1 * 375ml Blood Orange Infused Culinary Oil, 1 * 375ml Meyer Lemon Infused Culinary Oil

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WD, you are KILLING me. And you seem a decent fellow - I hate to die.

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These are delicious!

Well, ok, I don’t really know, but all of you should buy at least 3. Go Go GO

Is the grapeseed oil in these also cold-pressed or of the chemically-extracted industrial variety?

This could last unit 10pm :frowning:

I better buy one!


These are amazing. I got them last time and I love them. The lemon one is way lemony so I cut it with real olive oil. Great for dipping bread. Yum-fest!

These are extremely great oils. I purchased them several weeks ago, and have been using them regularly. They are truly amazing. Get yourself a set, and you will not be disappointed. I add a bit of the orange or lemon ones to my pancake mixes, and the garlic to pizza crusts before baking, or mixed into meatloaf, or brushed on meats & poultry before grilling/cooking/baking/roasting ect. The uses are virtually endless!

This may be a wootoff killer, but this stuff is actually pretty good. I have used both the lemon and orange to help marinate chicken for grilling, along with a packet of seasoning, and it adds a lot of citrus flavor.

also supposed to be great for salad dressings

Hey gang, who’s had both these and the other infused oils from Gourmet Kitchens they’ve sold in oil/vinegar sets? These REALLY that much better?

Picked these up just, what, two weeks ago? For a co-worker/pal for his birthday. He spoke quite highly of them, so that’s encouraging.

Well, the description so conveniently provided below the big button says that they’re cold-pressed, so I’m going to guess that cold-pressed is the answer. But you might want to read the description yourself just to be sure.

The chili oil is so, so good. I use it to saute’ greens and other vegetables and to marinate shrimp and chicken. The lemon one is great for salad dressings and for drizzling over salmon.

Thanks for the attempt at sarcastic humor, but the cold-pressed in the description applies to the olive oil, not the grapeseed oil. Unless perhaps I need new contact lenses.

I loled.

To answer your question. It is high quality, cold pressed. The last time it was offered a rep from the company described, and answered that very same question. He stated also that they only use the highest quality they can obtain.

Orange + Balsamic + Dense Bread = Fantastic!