Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils - Four Pack

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Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils - Four Pack [375ml Bottles] - $39.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * 375ml Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil, 1 * 375ml Red Chili Infused Culinary Oil, 1 * 375ml Blood Orange Infused Culinary Oil, 1 * 375ml Meyer Lemon Infused Culinary Oil

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hot! This looks expensive, but I suppose you get 4 different bottles. what makes it better than stuff Can get at a speciality store with peppers in it? Wonder how “natural” and “organic” it is. I like a very subtle seame refined oil, or diiirty dirrty olive (oh yeah baby)

Last woot

Have I been drinking?

What’s the abv?

These are great! I got some during the last Woot Off.

mmmm… so, if these can be used as dipping oils (a’la french bread with some spices in it)
I’m in.

why four woot. WHYYY.

this is very good stuff… love cooking with it… but my order of one set should last me quite a while…

These are all absolutely amazing - I particularly love the lemon drizzled over fresh steamed vegetables, the chili when I need a bit of a bite and the garlic on almost EVERYTHING.

For those wondering if the grapeseed oil is also cold/expeller-pressed, here’s the response from “extravagonzo” the last time around:

"Hi Folks, what a great response to Extravagonzo, thanks for your support! The GSO is a very high quality extraction that has been tested and over tested, it is extracted with evaporative solvents (all FDA approved) which evaporate entirely with no residual solvents detectable even at the most sensitive equipment settings. Mechanically expeller extracated GSO is so danged expensive that it is prohibitive. I researched findings on the solvent extraction and many non-biased studies indicate that there are no concerns w/ this extraction technique. There are many who would disagree, but the science behind it is sound and I personally suck this stuff up like it is fine wine.

You really want to go nutso, try drizzling it on ice cream!! Yikes, the Orange over vanilla is just devine, creamsicle in a bowl!

Ciao for now, keep shining… Tom"

So sombody convice me that Felippo Berio (retail appx $8) sitting out for a few days with delicious spices infusing inside is not a better option… and ill do it

These are absolutely wonderful. Got them last time they were on Wine Woot. The chili is just hot enough to barely sting your tongue. The blood orange is great in marinades. The lemon is definitely great to flavor up steamed veggies. Of course, so is the garlic. But high enough quality to withstand the bread-dipping flavor test. Great alone or in cooking. Yes, they are expensive, but they’ll last a long time. The bottles are bigger than I was expecting. Super yummy!

In for two. I pop popcorn on the stovetop in a mix of 50% generic vegetable oil and 50% one of these (chili oil works especially well), along with all the other uses such as drizzling over veggies or pasta.

We’d gotten these the first time they were offered, and have really loved using them ever since! Our garlic one is ALMOST completely gone in fact, and the 2 citrus ones are half empty. (The chili is still just about full because we can’t tolerate hot or spicy foods due to personal digestive issues, otherwise it would almost be gone too.) These really are some great oils, and if you don’t have them yet, you really should get them today!
The garlic oil is especially terrific if you rub it all over potatoes that you plan to bake wrapped in foil in your oven, or to cook inside of a steamer bag in the microwave. Either way, they come out really, really great done in this manner (as do ANY other meats & veggies too). I just wish woot would offer them by the single bottle/flavor so I could get more of the garlic oil without having to get all the other ones I still have plenty of. Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess!

I bought these the last time they were on wine.woot around Mother’s Day. Kept lemon and garlic for ourselves, gave blood orange and red chili to the moms, and they were impressed.

We’ve been using the garlic oil on everything… stir fry, chicken, falafel. Lemon great with fish and kabobs. Quite delicious and for a fractionof the price.

If you are on the fence… just get it. I have used a bunch of the garlic and lemon flavors using some for cooking and some for salad dressings. The lemon makes a great salad dressing, but I usually cut it with a little plain EVOO since the lemon is actually quite strong. A little goes a long way.

I could sure use a quality post right about now… c’mon guys, give one up for charity.

I’ve got nothin on the infused oils…

lol I thought they called them bacon rashers. Must have changed the filters. Looks like this followed the Roadhouse last time too!

they do sound tasty. And at least good quality.

You do all realise that with four half-bottles going for $45, that at over $20 per wine-bottle’s worth, this is - millilitre for millilitre - more expensive than many of the wines on woot!

I bought these last time. Price is good - in the few stores that carry them, it’s $19 a bottle. However, I have to admit I’ve only used the garlic, and not bothered with the other ones…this thread is giving me some great ideas!

(Sadly, the store near me carries lemon, orange and chili, but no GARLIC. What are they thinking?!)

i have and its amazing! mix Lemon with a dash of the garlic and chili with rosemary, thyme, and basil, salt and pepper- heaven