Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils - Four Pack

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I bought these oils back in the spring and I have to say they’re fantastic. The chili oil has added a nice kick to everything I’ve used, and the blood orange oil when I was making some fried green tomatoes was so good I wanted to call friends up and have them come over and see for themselves… well, except that I ate them all.

Having grown up in a good Italian-American household, the garlic oil is great because I add garlic to a lot of cooking. The lemon oil reminds me a lot of the blood orange, with a nice fresh taste. I’ve used it the least so far but I’m thinking I’ll use it the next time I cook seafood.

Definitely worth the purchase.

I had same surprise! Well done.
I’m on my slooow Nexus One so no chance and mo editing. So lucky ppl get a good choice!

haha I’m feeling caffinated this morning

I bet they’re great as you say, nut the expense for non-olive oil has stopped me before.

Citrus is underestimated in cooking. I have learned from my wine tasting that good fresh acid can really lift and balance a taste experience. So, if you don’t have lemon or orange handy, will these lift your vinaigrettes or sautes enough?

I think they will – the blood orange one tastes like I’d actually squeezed the orange into the final product.

Nutritional Information?

The Meyer Lemon variety is very lemon-y. I have used it a lot in vinaigrettes without adding any fresh lemon juice and it works well as a replacement - not the same but good lemon flavor. Wife actually used some in a dessert that called for lemon juice and oil- two birds same stone - and it worked nicely with the lemon flavor coming out strong even after baking. Still havent tried the orange… not sure why…

this is sounding dumb, but are these artificially colored?
i personally don’t care but aren’t there some rare food allergies to red/yellow dyes?
the oils just look so… modern

…just being curious

According to the bottle they are 80% olive oil and 20% grapeseed oil.

I bought these last time and the bottles don’t mention anything about artificial colors.

mmm ok thanks. i saw the picture of the chili infused one, and it just looked so… red haha

The 4-pack is $64 directly from the manufacturer, so this is a great deal.

I bought these last time and they definitely are flavorful.

If you make stovepop popcorn, use 50% blood orange oil and 50% vegetable oil. The orange flavor will be subtle but really perfect. (The smoke point of the blood orange oil is too low for popcorn without adding vegetable oil.) To bring it over the top, instead of butter, use the caramel topping that pops up here occasionally – microwave it on a low setting until you can drizzle it with a spoon.

The chili oil in this group also makes excellent stovetop popcorn (same ratio with vegetable oil, of course).

My bottle doesn’t look quite so much like cough syrup as the picture, but it is red. On my monitor, the color is more like the red on this site. The ingredient list is: olive oil, grapeseed oil, chillies.

I really love these oils - I haven’t finished off my bottles from this spring so I wasn’t going to bite … and then I had a panic attack at the thought of missing it next time!

I use the garlic oil constantly, and the lemon oil is fantastic if I’m doing any kind of vegetable, or the chili if I’m doing anything that needs a little kick. I haven’t played as much with the blood orange, but this thread is giving me some ideas …

gah, this is like what the 5th time I’ve missed these? lol

These are good–I was surprised, however, to get emails from the maker. I thought woot didn’t give out our emails.