Eye-Fi 4GB Share Video Wireless SDHC Card

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I’m told these are incompatible with RAW. Aayone?

This thing again. Given the prevalence of SD ports on computers and dirt cheap adapter prices, you would be best served by buying a big SD card instead.

I think only the PRO model cards will do RAW transfers

No, according to the manufacturer’s website:

I think you’re correct. I have one of these for my XSi. I don’t recall any raw files being transferred. Given the transfer speed that’s probably a good thing as they would take forever.

I am in for 1. It is worth a shot to have the ability to upload on the fly.

Definitely not; you need the Pro model for RAW files. I ordered two just now (I think I did, anyway, the order has not finished processing and it’s been 10 minutes) for my point-and-shoots. If it works as advertised, it’ll be awesome for my waterproof Lumix, as it’ll mean I won’t have to open the thing up to access the images.

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and this will work with macs

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The 4gb card can only upload JPGs. There is an 8GB pro version which is RAW compatible.

I have an 8 GB Explore X2 Eye-Fi card ($100) that has a couple of extra (not-real-important) features and is essentially the same as this one with twice the memory. I use it in my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 and really like it. It uses fast Class 6 memory. It doesn’t do Raw, as explained above (you need the more expensive Pro Version), nor does it transfer my AVCHD HD Video, the only real downer of the deal.

(I take that back. It says it won’t but, just for the fun of it I just took a short video and it transferred it just fine. Don’t ever read the instructions! Now I’m really in for one!)

You have to log onto an away-from-home Wi-Fi to get it to transfer to one of the available sites. (The Pro Version, I think, will transfer to your home computer from afar.)

When I get home from shooting, I set the camera down next to my computer and next thing I know all my pictures are loaded into my Eye-Fi folder for later editing, etc. The price on this is much cheaper than the $64 Eye-Fi sells it for. I’m in for one of these just for some cheap high-speed backup memory.

So dumb question since I’m missing it apparently. Will this ONLY work with certain cameras? I was under the impression everything is built into the card, ie so if the camera takes the card, it’s good to go. I have an olympus t-100 and e-volt e140, both listed as unsupported. What, do you have to configure somethin on the camera too? I thought it was just take the picture, then the ‘card’ does the rest?

How secure are they?

If I’m away from home and bump into an open wi-fi, will this thing start uploading and hence shooting my usernames/passwords all over an open and unknown network? Would it at least use some sort of encryption if it has to upload, to say, my home computer?

My order has been processing for over 10 minutes. It is still not confirmed. Any one else having the same problem?

Yes, apparently everyone…
There’s quite a bit of discussion about it on main site in the glass breaker/belt cutters thread…

The word is they are working on it, but there’s no word on progress…