Eye-Fi 4GB Share Video Wireless SDHC Card

This is cool. I would love to buy one for my new camera, but it uses Micro SD cards. I even went to the Eye Fi website to see if they have micro SD cards and it doesn’t look like they do.

Oh well. I’m saving money and downloading pics isn’t hard anyway. It would be nice if it happened automatically though; that would be good so you could be certain that you always have your pics downloaded just in case you lose your camera or the card gets fried somehow. (My dad somehow got my memory card, deleted the pictures and overwrote pictures of my daughter on her second Christmas! argh)

edited to add: yes, it makes no sense that he would have taken MY card out of MY camera. I think that he was out of it from too little sleep or something.

If it’s open, why would your username/password even get broadcast? If you stumble on an open network with your laptop or phone, say at Starbucks, does it send your info?

Welcome to network security 101!

If you log in with your user name/password to a web site that has http:// in the name rather than https:// from your laptop - then yes, your credentials will basically be broadcast on air for anyone with a sniffer to grab. Also if your laptop is set to periodically check e-mail, and it is not using a secure connection than your e-mail account credentials will be shot out in the open even without you taking any action.

The chances of that are slim, but having an open network owner with ill intentions may be a much more likely possibility, and they too will be able to grab it…

If the connection is secure (https or similar) then data leaves your device encrypted, and even if someone intercepts it, they won’t be able to do much with it!

And that is basically my question - does the card use encryption, so that i can feel safe on open networks?

My card works on my Panasonic camera but not on my Sony a230. The metal on the Sony could block the wi-fi signal, I don’t realy know, but it does not work.

I got one of these on a previous woot and I love it! It has one drawback - it drains the camera battery a bit faster than a normal card. If you’re not going to use your camera for a while, just take the card out and you’ll be fine.

Has anybody used these or know if they work with the Samsung DualView(TL 225, 220 & 210) series cameras? it’s not listed on their website.

I guess I don’t quite understand the details of how this operates.

First you plug the usb adapter (and maybe the card) into your computer to configure it.

then you unplug then, put the card in your camera and take your pictures.

Do you need to connect the usb adapter to send photos to your laptop ?

Do you NEED a wifi connection if you just want to send photos to your computer ?

Is this of any use if I don’t want to send my photos to the internet ?

If I set my camera next to my computer, does it automatically send the photos to the computer or do I have to sync it ?

Does the usb adapter work like a SD adapter for regular SD cards ?

These are great!
I bought the first one three years ago when my mother in law received a camera for Christmas. Knowing that I would be the help desk every time she took a picture and wanted to download it or email it. I set it up to download to her computer and to google pictures at the same time. She has the link to her google pictures account that she can share with her friends, so it is easy.
I can say that I has worked great the whole time (only had to update software one time). Bought a second one for us but have not opened it yet.(just lazy i guess)

To answer a few question I read the blog postings before mine:

Why would it work with my camera?
-Some camera came out before SDHC (the HC is the important part - high capacity). An older version of the card found ebay will work. Non HC just SD.

-Not one this version

This version come with a one year subscription one the HotSpot Access. -(HotSpot Access. Upload on-the-go through one of 10,000 HotSpots, including McDonald’s, airports, hotels and more. (1 year included, $14.99/year renewal option thereafter)

After a year if you do not renew your card does not stop working. It will keep work with your wifi connection.

One last thing I was under the impression when I bought my first card that it will hook up with any wifi connection and download your photos.
IT ONLY CONNECTS THUR THE ROUTER YOU SET IT UP ON. With the exception of HotSpot service. To simplify if you set it up to download on your home wifi router and go to your friend house to take pictures it will not download photos on their wifi.

Here is a compatibility guide. Click on the brand of your camera, and it will go into models.

Anyone know why they only make these in SD format? Would have loved to see this with a MS Pro Duo.

Wow. We have three digital cameras and none of them are compatible with this. Make sure you check the compatibility chart before you order.

So, what’s the difference between “compatible” and “Eye-Fi connected” as it pertains to the compatibility chart. A little confusing if you ask me.

Will this include “GPS” like for photos. I love that my iPhone photos include real GPS data for mapping purposes. I believe I read that this card uses WIFI location data from Skyhook or similar services to stamp the location into the photos that go onto the card.

Can anyone confirm?

Unless you like the convenience of having your pictures on your computer and your internet storage place without working at it.its the only way i get pictures of my kids. I have two explore they do better at hot spots and geotaging

Here’s a demo from HSN


I think olympus doesn’t use the sd card mostly the camera is un important if they use sd and jpg.

People on Woot.com are experiencing ordering problems. Is sellout.woot.com also having the same problem?

Obviously, no network is 100% secure, but with the Eye-Fi, you get to specify which networks you want to connect to.

From Eye-Fi’s website:

“Upon setup, specify which networks the Eye-Fi card uses to transfer your media. Add up to 32 networks for your card to use. The next time your camera is on within range of a specified network, your photos and videos will fly to your computer and to your favorite sharing site.”

So it won’t automatically connect just because you happen to be near a Starbucks.

You can decide how much risk you want to take. If someone filches your login information from Photobucket, it’s not as bad as if they have access to your bank account, for example.

Be aware that someone can set up a rogue WiFi access with the same SSID as a commonly used public WiFi in the area. So if you have specified any public WiFi, you are at some risk. Note that, although the real WiFi service may require a password and/or key, the rogue one will happily let anyone in.

Can anyone who has one of these say how strong the WiFi connection is?

Obviously, the WiFi adapter is minuscule, including a tiny antenna. Do you have to be very close to your router for this to work?

For anyone new to this wireless networking thing, here’s some links:

basics at cnet