Eye Fi Explore 2GB Wi-Fi SD Card


i know realy? what is this garbage.

Stupid device, totally impractical and overpriced. There’s got to be a lot of software involved.

These are interesting, but meh…

I’d rather keep the $30 in my pocket.

gone before I could read the description…

how can these be refurbs? half the time when they’re sold, they can’t be used unless the seller gives the previous registration info…i had one, and couldn’t use it, beware! cool concept, but seriously who is this lazy, i thought i was, and turned out i wasn’t…

Actually, no.

The Eye-Fi is literally an SD card with an independently operational wifi adapter.

There is some setup software required, but once you get it there, all the card needs from the camera is power, and it really does connect to your wifi network and upload pictures automatically.

This is an old card, so it just pushes to a computer running the client software. The newer cards will push automatically to flickr, picasaweb, gallery2, etc.

Or with the old one, if you’re a linux geek, you can use one of the simple eye-fi daemons to handle that.

Yeah, what you said. I was going to respond saying basically the same thing, but thanks for getting to it first so I didnt have to type it all out.

I love my eye-fi.

I Too have one of these Cards and I just love it to death .Like when your away from the house and you got to many pics on your camera. All you have to do is just find a hot spot hit share button on your camera , and via Geo Tagging, boom they are there waiting to be uploaded to your pc or photo sharing page . I love my EyeFi. But there is one drawback tho you need to check their website first to see if your camera is compatable with the Card.
Http://www.eye-fi.com. I love mine. I wish that I could of gotten anther one for my other camera. Maybe next time . * CUZ THEY ARE JUST THAT GOOD!!! *