Eye-Fi Geo 2GB SD Card with Built-in Wi-Fi and Geotagging

I checked the Web site to see how it does geotagging, figuring it’s unlikely there’s a GPS receiver in this thing. I was right:

“Geotagging is made possible through Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) technology. Using built-in Wi-Fi, the Eye-Fi Card senses surrounding Wi-Fi networks as you take pictures. When photos are uploaded, the Eye-Fi Service then adds the geotags to your photos.”

If you aren’t near a wifi AP that is in the database, then your photos won’t get geotagged.

anybody know how the geotagging feature works?

Also, my camera (*ist DL) is not on the list, presumably because it is a dSLR that can shoot RAW. if I set it to shoot jpeg, would the card then work?

edit I see the geotagging was explained above. thanks.

Which I’m guessing is about 99% of the time.

I’m seriously debating going in for one, or more. Reviews on Amazon seem to be generally positive. Bear in mind that its geotagging capabilities aren’t derived from GPS, but rather SkyHook’s wifi access point mapping. Don’t expect it to work in the middle of nowhere.

I got a DSLR for Christmas which is Eye-Fi compatible. Almost jumped on this for the “cool” factor but then I thought about it some more…

Why do I need this? It’s not that hard to pop out the SD card and upload photos to my computer.

I may get this if others can give plausible scenarios about why this would be a good thing to have. I can’t really think of any right now.

Why way to configure this to send the pictures directly to my server? I don’t want to go through a third party.

As a follow-up to my previous post, also keep in mind that this is the first generation Eye-Fi card, not the X2 models currently in the field. It does not offer support for tagging or uploading anything other than JPEG files. I also believe that it may only clock in at either Class 2 or Class 4, which might put it below the speed needed by some SLRs to do burst shots of a decently large quantity.

As far as how tagging appears to work, it doesn’t seem to require you to be within range of a wireless network at the time of shooting, but rather stores the last known location and uses that for an indeterminate period of time following.

Last, but not least, the Geo doesn’t appear to offer a free year of AT&T Hotspot access (as the Share, Explore, and Pro models do). This might be a deal breaker for some, though I know I’ll simply use it for the convenience of bottomless storage in select shooting environments.

I am in for at least 2! I have 4GB one from last time woot had it and wished I had bought more for out other devices. Now I can!

How fast is this?

At least under Class 6:
“No. Endless Memory, Eye-Fi View, Class 6 & built-in 802.11n are features of the new X2 engine, which is only available in X2 cards.”

Kills the deal for me. No DSLR will be fast enough at Class 2/4.

It’s not listed, but has anyone had success using Chrome?

As mentioned, it’s an older card. JPEG only and slower speeds. While this card might be fine for smaller pixel images, it will have problems with larger 12+ megapixel images. Especially if you burst shoot (10-20) images routinely.

No, it isn’t that hard. But do you actually remember to do it? Before I got my eye-Fi I would go to an event, take 100 pictures and they would sit on my camera for months before I would download them.

When my baby was born 3 months ago I was very glad I had the eye-Fi card. Since it will not only automatically, instantly upload the pictures to my computer as soon as I take them, but it will also then upload them to my Flickr photostream. Plus you can select ON THE CAMERA which pictures go just to your computer and which go to Flickr (or one of the many other photo sharing sites they support) by using the “protect photo” feature of your camera (you can set it so only protected photos go online… Or at least you can on the model I have. ). So because of my eye-Fi I can take a picture of my son, mark it protected and in about 30 seconds Grandma, Grandpa and anyone else can see it online. That is the benefit to me.

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I don’t know what anyone else would do with this thing, but I bought it for parties - specifically a wedding reception later this year, but I’m sure it’ll get used again after that.

Projector, laptop, and a cheapo access point means a lot of awesome pictures from drunk friends and family going up on the screen for everyone to see.

Definitely getting $20 worth of entertainment out of it…

what else can I do with it? Can anyone tell me if I can hack it to use as a wifi card?

That is the single most reasonable thing I’ve heard all day. Maybe even all week.

Pick a different forum…at lease he’s trying to be productive and make up for past indiscretions…more than I can say for your post.

Got one last time w00t was selling and I love it. But id wait for X2. Especially since they are coming out with direct downloads to phone.

If you dont care about that then buy. Its a great product.

I’ve been reading some reviews, and this device is geared towards the Mac platform. Will the software for this work with PCs? Looks like geotagging needs to be enabled on the card, which is done though its Mac-compatible software;

The Eye-Fi Geo is compatible with Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger Macs.


Edit: on the main woot page, it says it is Win compatible. But I want to be sure.