Eye-Fi Pro 8GB Wireless Memory Card

**Item: **Eye-Fi Pro 8GB Wireless Memory Card
Price: $44.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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Oh wow, isn’t the 16gig like $19 these days??!

Got 3 of them. Only gotcha: the range is pretty bad so on my camcorder and point-and-shoot I need to them on the stairs to ensure they can catch the wifi signal. The SLR being more shielded by it’s make is just a no-no. it’s not even working 1 foot away from the wifi router!

Else cool product, just know if you router would be close enough and don’t buy this for SLRs.

‘Wireless memory card’ I’ve never seen a ‘wired’ memory card… Something tells me this is a solution looking for a problem.

Trying so hard for crap and failing every time is really bumming me out. Now we get to this one, and my brain just too tired to try again. Sad face.

Bag of Chips is gone… :confused:

Congratulations, you’re clearly not a photographer.

Anyway, no deal here. You can get it for the same price on Amazon.

(20000/80)*872=218000 does not work. ANyone else?

If you’ve ever shot pictures while tethered to a computer to see the images pop up on screen, it’s REALLY nice…minus the cord. this eliminates that.

I did 20000/80 * 1274 = 318500 and it was wrong.


Missed it by THAT much :frowning:

Hmmm…I got 250x1274 (or 1169 depending on whether you accept 105 as Hahnium or Dubnium) but neither worked.

I cant find the last one
I don’t get the question gods? or humans?

I did it using atomic numbers shown on another site and got 20,000/80 * 1428= 357,000. Either that is wrong or people already won.

that’s what I got

20000 leagues
80 days

Im taking only 112 elements = (111)(112)/2 = 6216 minus 6 elements name derived from mythological beings (22,41,58,61,73,77)

I get 1471000 and error :\ .

These calculations are too fuzzy at times

If your number is correct you get to the page. It will tell you if there are BoCs or they are sold out. 357000 was apparently correct.

I got:
Einsteinium 99
Curium 96
Bohrium 107
Fermium 100
Gallium 31
Hahnium 105
Lawrencium 103
Meitnerium 109
Mendelevium 101
Nobelium 102
Roentgenium 111
Rutherfordium 104
Seaborgium 106
for 1274.

Who am I missing?


Used this site for elements: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scientists_whose_names_are_used_in_chemical_element_names

Copernicum 112 and Flerovium 114? I had to relook it up, but I think that is it. Wikipedia didn’t have Hahnium