Eye-Fi SDHC Memory Card

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Eye-Fi SDHC Memory Card
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I return my sweeties, with a Youtube video demo/review!

Makes managing pictures easy as pie. Turn on your camera and POOF, pictures are uploaded and ready to go. It’s magic:) Makes a good Xmas gift…

I spy an awesome eye-fi!

I’m a verified woot purchaser of the 8GB PRO X2 and use it in my Nikon P300. I can honestly say it works great and could never go back to having to pull out the memory, stick into reader, put back and repeat.

So much simpler now :slight_smile:

BTW, paid the same back in Jan.

If I bought one of these today, what are the chances…

Hey, would you just knock it off already. It wasn’t even funny the first time.

I just bought my second one of these cards for my other camera.

I’ve had my current eye-fi card for a few years now, and they are an excellent idea.

Some cameras even have special support built-in for eye-fi cards in order to notice they should not shutdown while the card is transferring the photos to your computer. After the transfer, the normal 5-minute timeout that will auto-shutdown your camera happens.

These things are SOOOOO much more convenient than having to constantly remove the SD card, or hookup a USB cable in order to get pictures out.

You just turn your camera on when you get home, and within seconds the images are stored on your PC where you pre-selected them to land.

It’s only class 6. That would painfully slow. Should be class 10 at 45 MB/s I guess in some old camera equip this would be ok.

So what’s wrong with:

Step 1: Plug USB cord into computer

Step 2: Upload pictures

Step 3: There is no Step 3

This procedure has worked for me for years.

The reader picture does not come with it, and is necessary…yes?

The pro card can send your pictures directly to your tablet or phone when you’re away from a wifi access point, a very useful feature.

I can’t believe I did a double take to make sure I didn’t accidentally upload a Blues Clues video.


I bought Woot’s Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB+wifi card several months ago and I also love it. The media card was always difficult to remove from my camera and having the pictures upload automatically just rocks. Mine can also upload to my cell phone (but I’m not sure if this one can).

At first, I had it upload automatically to Flickr, but it was quickly apparent that I take way too many junk shots to do that, so now I enable the “upload select images to Flickr automatically” feature (I have to press the “save” (looks like a key) button on my phone when I see a pic I want to upload to Flickr and life is good.

My only complaint is that my Eye-Fi card is supposed to do geotagging and my camera (Nikon D5100) is also supposed to support geotagging, but I’ve never gotten that to work. The setting on my camera is grayed out when the card is in the camera and says “this feature not available at this setting” (and says it with every setting I try). That’s a total bummer, and I don’t know whether the problem is the card, the camera, or just my own ignorance.

That would be pretty pointless since it’s intended to work wirelessly.

These tend to hover around 10-20Mbps, which is far from saturating the bus speed on the read end.

It also doesn’t work in most cameras before ca. 2008

Dang! UFOs are stealing the cows again.

Hope they fixed the problem with the original version corrupting some jpg files (Eye-Fi pro v1 and Explore v1 on Pentax k100d and K-x). My other cards never gave me a problem. both my Eye-Fi’s randomly created an invalid header problem on my jpgs.

These simply DO-NOT work… look at the rateingns in large volume sites like amazon…

way too many faulty units…

heads up to all wooters

Anyone get the geotagging to work with these?

Does it somehow geotag based on where you take the picture? I read their website and it seems to geotag “as” the pictures are uploaded, which is not helpful if I take a picture where there is no open wi-fi.

Bought one of these during a wootoff and now use it all the time to transfer pictures from my D7000 to my andriod phone… Great when your on vacation and are able to email friends and family high quality SLR imgages without a pc.

Also great for studio use to transfer images to a Table or Pc… In my D4, these work flawlessly via a Compact Flash adapter.