Eyes Cream Sundae




*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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This is more like an eyesore… sorry.


I don’t think the front page has updated yet… looks very interesting from the thumbnail though. :tongue:

Congrats to the artist on the punny print.

Edit: Ah, now that I can see the full detail - I quite like the use of colours. Congrats to godmachine. Not for me, but I’m sure a few people will see differently. :slight_smile:


Yknow, with teefury up and running and pulling out designs better than woot has for weeks, you’d think they’d spend a little time at least making sure we can buy their new designs before they get their ass handed to them by the competition


different take on icecream sundaes, godmachine!! Good design. not sure about the shirt color but I doubt I would have picked any other color, myself.

now, if only woot could stop screwing up the site.


Perfect shirt for me =) (not that I’ll necessarily get it)


OMG on baby blue???

Woulda bought this but this shirt color is just not my taste at all.

b. u . m . m e. r


nothing against the design really, but man i hate baby blue shirts


…the latest in One Eyed Finksterdom!


same here, but i dont find it that disturbing
heath ledger’s rendition of the joker is disturbing
this is just whatever


I scream sundae?


hah, must have evil whipped cream… muuuuuuust haaaaaaaave…


Well, it’s a good thing this shirt isn’t my style because I have bought WAY too many as of late. Though I wish I hadn’t waited up so long to find that out.

Goodnight fellow wooters.


Again, too cute for my personal tastes, and I tend to look horrid in the baby blue shirts. Have to pass.


Yep, looks very similar to One Eye Finkster. It has that Wacky Packages vibe.


In for one. Better than the last few…


Mmm… Pass. Not really my style. Okay, so that was a bit of an understatement: the design is almost disturbing, but not even in a good way.

edit - I will, however, note that Montana is the brightest I’ve ever seen it on a woot! heat map before…


Great Halloween Shirt!


the worse thing about the shirt design is that there are yellow eyes in there…thats just creepy. but a nice clean design. =) just reminded me of dr. demento “fish heads ,fish heads, rollie pullie fish heads. fish heads, fish heads. eat them up. yum .!!!”