eyn Cellphone Cases

Amazon has these same eyn Galaxy S4 Cases for $14.99 with free shipping for Prime members…

The eyn sales page notes that the iPhone 5 cases do NOT fit 5Cs. This is mistated on woot, the cases will only fit the 5 and 5S.

Seriously, what’s with the 5c hate around here!

I have this case… and I do LOVE it. Especially if you are traveling. Great for at a hotel cuz you can carry your key and a credit card, bit of money.

I find myself taking this almost everywhere rather than bring my big wallet.

We’re updating the description. Thanks for the callout.

That said, my son and I have these. He uses his all the time as a wallet. I use mine on vacation. It’s great to not carry a purse around while being a tourist.

That is a good one!

In fairness to Woot, Amazon has all other eyn cases at $29.99 while Woot is priced at $14.99

Seriously, do they not make cases for the Note 2/3/4? My phone is more recent than the iphone 5(by 4 days) and yet, I never see any cases for it…

/Yes, I know, it’s because everyone has an iPhone 5
//Yes, I’m a little bitter
///My phone is still better