eyn Cellphone Cases

This is perfect! Now when someone steals my iPhone they’ll get all of my cash, too. What a time saver!

Anyone know if these are good for the iPhone 5c?

Whenever I see “cellphone case” on Woot I should automatically assume they mean “iPhone Case”

Shame that there aren’t these cases for Galaxy SII phones, as well!

I got one for my son to use when we roller coaster hopping across the country last summer. He loved it so much because he doesn’t have to carry a wallet. He uses it all the time now (at college).

Does not fit 5c

Not the case. (no pun intended). They are offering Samsung Galaxy S4 as well.

All I can say is that I have the eyn case for the 4s and find it to be very functional. I prop it up on my dashboard when driving and it doubles as a GPS. Very convenient. If you know how much a good quality case costs this is cheap and I just ordered two more. Love the syrah color.

Interesting that the Samsung cases don’t have an actual phone in it… hmmmm… maybe nobody owns one at woot???

Hello? Does any manufacturer KNOW there are other phones besides iPhones and Samsung. Stores like Staples, Target, etc are selling accessories for those two brands alone. Yeah, I know they are the biggest selling brand, but c’mon!

Does it fit 5s?

Yes, it fits the 5 and 5s.

VERY excited to see the Samsung cases! This is what I’ve missed most after switching from an iPhone.

I had - and heavily abused - the iPhone 4S case for at least a year. I loved that thing. So convenient when you don’t want to take your purse with you. The ridge around the glass helps protect it from drops.

And yeah - in for two!

Awesome comment! I was thinking the same thing… What a deal! Lose your iPhone and your DL, credit cards AND cash all together. Why didn’t I think of this sooner! LOL!