eyn iPhone Cases

These won’t be going into any pants. “Comes with enclosed mirror”. Definitely a purse item. A phone and three credit cards - all a lady needs for a full day of shopping. If only it had a space for the wireless Mercedes remote.

Yes, a little bulky for the pants pocket, but very useful for holding credit card, license, a few folder bills for a night out or day or shopping. Just don’t drop it. While the case is durable, the hinges didn’t hold up when the cat knocked it off the table. I couldn’t see spending another $30 to replace it at the time, but at half price, I’m in!

It’s really durable. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve dropped it and nothing broke. It works as a stand horizontally and vertically. I love the strap. It comes in handy for blue tooth calls or doing housework or whatever. I’m glad I bought it and surprised at how much I use it. The biggest down size is that it is pretty bulky.

I got one for my son to use when we were doing our roller coaster tour in Ohio. He really likes it and hasn’t carried his wallet since.

I like that it has an edge around the glass to give some protection from short drops.

I bought one from the EYN’s website, paid $30 + $5 shipping and love the case. I am going to buy two more because it is a steal at this price. I thought it may be too bulky but after using it I got accustomed to it quickly.
Love going shopping or out with friends and all I need is my phone and inside the case I take my license, my credit card and some cash.
ps - I have dropped my case numerous times and have not had any durability issues. I also get tons of compliments.

This will come in handy when I go on vacation to California in August. Snagged one :slight_smile:

So when I lose my iPhone…I’ll probably lose everything. Doesn’t quite beat having a wallet.

Any problems with cell signal messing up the magnetic strip on credit cards?

I bought two of these the last time
they were on Woot. They were bulkier than I expected and held about 2 credit cards and a few bills (not a whole lot) but does the job for quick trips. Unfortunately the bulky case messes with the flash on my iPhone 4S and whitewashes the pictures.

Love love love this! It appears bulky but is surprisingly light for its size. I think it fits in my pocket fine but I’m no skinny-minnie shrug I get LOTS of people asking where they can get one. Wish it held a couple more CC - it holds a drivers license, 1 CC and 1 “other” thing (either another CC or a couple folded bills).

So now if your iphone gets lost or stolen, the guy that finds or steals it gets to keep the phone plus go on a shopping spree…nice!

We agree… comes in handy when you’re shopping or running out to the store and just need to carry your license and credit card. And we’ll work on making space for your Mercedes remote!! :slight_smile:

Now more than ever, people are more aware and careful of where their phone is… not to mention how often people are using it to text or talk, rarely putting it down!!

So glad your son likes it and it came in handy for him on your roller coaster tour… sounds fun!!

Sorry you had trouble with the case when you dropped it… any other issues please let us know, we stand by our product 100% and like to hear from our customers… you can reach us at info@eynproducts.com

Thanks for your feedback, we’re so happy to hear the case has come in handy for you. And yes, it’s slightly bulkier than most cases, however we feel it’s worth sacrificing the size in order to leave your bag at home, and more importantly for the protection it offers for your phone!!

Love, love, love that you LOVE your case!!

Thanks, and have fun in California!!

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