eyn iPhone Cases

i’ve got the chartreuse version. i love it. it’s perfect for roaming the city, running errands, going to restaurants/bars/clubs without lugging around my big ol’ purse.

i’ve dropped it a few times at the gym and it spared my phone heroically. one time, the back bit snapped off, but the hinges are made in such a way that you can easily snap the back panel into place like nothin’ ever happened.

the way i treat my stuff, i know it may not last forever, but man, it’s put up with a lot thus far and it’s made life a little easier.


Math is not confusing. Percent change = change/original x 100.

For example, if you had two doughnuts and bought one more, you would have a 50% increase in deliciousness; 150% more doughnuts than when you started because 1 (the additional one)/2 (the number with which you started before the "Hot and Fresh " sign lit) equals 50%.

If you had three doughnuts and ate one, you would loose 33 1/3% of your tasty treats because 1 (the one you ate, apple spice is my favorite) /3 (the ones you bought) = 33 1/3%.

Hunh? Wha?

Anyhoo, I got one of these the last go round and I really love it. I usually tuck in DL, CC, Ins Card & I’m good to go. I’ve never used the mirror, but I have dropped my phones a couple of times with no damage. It easy to get at my phones buttons and do things. However, I do notice when I am connecting to my car when I push in the audio jack the bottom comes off. Not sure that is a quirk in the eyn case…most likely a factor that I eats me spinach.

In for another one today as a backup.

I bought one of these the last time they popped up. I get compliments on it all the time; it’s a great little case. Not having to carry my purse on quick outings is awesome. I’ve also dropped my phone a few times with no issues.

If you’re on the fence, get one. You won’t be disappointed. If I wasn’t about to switch to an android phone, I’d be in for two more. A girl’s gotta accessorize!

(And Eyn, if you’re lurking, please start making cases for android phones!!)

Cool! So when someone steals your phone, they also get your cash and credit cards too!

haha, i was gonna say…

for people who club regularly, apparently iphones are the target phones for thieves. i’ve had friends who go clubbing, who get their iphones stolen 2-3 times per year. people will actually go into your purse/bag, girls, to get it away from you.

moreover, be aware that most people also tend to lose their phone much more often due to their own negligence than they would lose their wallets.

just sayin’

perhaps they ought not leave their purses unattended in da club.
or, even better: don’t take the purse to da club.
not to be presumptuous, but i feel like one might consider developing a new strategy after 2-3 phone thefts in a year. “per year,” in fact, meaning this has happened enough for a solid pattern to manifest.

i dunno. it’s not my place to say.
but i do know that i am grateful that worry is no longer a concern for me, because i have this wonderful little device!

yeah if im getting in fights, car wrecks, or stuff stolen multiple times a year it’s time to reevaluate that situation.

Can anyone compare the amount of storage in one of these vs. a jimi wallet? I’m sort of tempted to get one, but my jimi is usually full to capacity, and I’d hate to buy one of these and find out I can’t hold as much.

It’s close. I can get four cards and one folded bill into mine, and I love it.