EZ Hockey Goal w/ Trainer Tutor Package

Real quick:


If I had a backyard I would kill for this!


This reminds me of the hockey goalie I was friends with in high school. :slight_smile:

Need any replacement parts? Get them direct from the manufacturer


TONS of great reviews over at hockeyshot.com

Curious what the surface is that kid is shooting off? It doesn’t appear to come with the package and beating your stick against pavement means another hockey stick ruined after lots of driveway practice. Any ideas here? What is it? What can be used as a hitting surface?

I’m guessing something plastic like this:

Awesome! I’ve been looking at this net with the backstop for awhile now but couldn’t find it for less than ~$185 after shipping. And that’s without the shooter tutor. $147 after tax and shipping for this is a steal. In for one.

It’s probably a shooting pad similar to what whatsamattaU posted. For a cheap alternative look for ‘thrifty white board’ at your local hardware store. $12 for a 4’x8’ sheet that’s slick enough to shoot off of. Add some kind of lubricant and it’s even slicker. You can even have the wood department cut it down for you to whatever sizes you like. I get mine cut into three 4’x2.66’ sections.

For more info, check out this:

Some good stuff there on making a cheap pad (not my thread).

just don’t let iut get wet or leave it outside… warpage will set in…
its great for stick handling indoors where space is tight… or as a slideboard…

I was fortunate, a local rink had some sheets of the dasher boards left over …and used ones they gave us… leave outside on the court and weather resistant…

so cool. wish I had a yard too.


Is this the same thing for 75 bucks? Or just a backstop without the goal. What is the “Tutor package” mentioned on the Woot product?

looks like just the backstop. the packahge with goal, backstop, and targets is 179


I have the goal, backstop, and targets (but not the shooter tutor). I’m pretty sure this deal doesn’t include a shooting pad. This is a good price on a pretty good product. My only real criticism of the pieces I own is that the backstop is a bit of a pain in the rear to attach to the goal - it takes many minutes of struggling with bungee cables and tying the net onto the crossbar - so I usually don’t use the backstop and just shoot at the center post of the goal to avoid damaging my walls on a miss. Although I don’t exactly have Zdeno Chara’s slapper, I’ve nailed the center post several zillion times with hard shots with real pucks, and it’s not severely dented. Setup of the goal itself is pretty quick and easy, and it stores flat. There is an hour or so of initial setup time for both the goal and the backstop the first time you take them out of the box to get all the tubing together and lace the net on. Overall, this is a great net for a youth or beer-league player to use at home. It isn’t the pro stock product you’ll find at the local rink, but that’s not what you want at your house anyway.

The shooter tutor is the vinyl goalie cover. I’m not sure of the quality but decent tutors are in the $50-$75 range.

Look like a shooting pad available at :

My son has one in the garage and it is helpful.
We also have dry land training tile from the same website.