EZ Mount Window Sill

I don’t think the glass in my window will support up to 60 lbs.

Reviews on Amazon are mixed.

If I mounted this for my cat and he jumped up on it, I would end up losing and entire side of my home let alone the window.

Suction cup holders won’t even keep my soap from falling off the bathroom wall. I can’t imagine what would happen when my cat jumps up on one …

I would imagine that the first time the suction cups fail, and the cat goes tumbling, the cat will never go near it ever again.

I have this and it actually works great. Have to make sure the cups and window are clean first. It didn’t work at first until I pushed the center while twisting the lock down. Directions say to clean and re-install monthly. I just wait until it pops off and then we’re good for another 4 or more months (due to temperature changes). Would definitely buy more, but was too late this morning.