EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver (3)

EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver 3-Pack
$14.99 $̶2̶9̶.̶7̶0̶ 50% off List Price

I liked these last time I bought them, and I’d buy them again if it wasn’t for the 5.00 shipping on each and every purchase… they just aren’t worth 20 bucks

I bought these and they are not really good at vacuum sealing the wine bottles.

Yup. There really needs to be some kind of a threshold for shared shipping. The $5 per item bit has greatly reduced my use of Woot.

Sure, sometimes, $5 is a bargain shipping price. Other times? It’s a deterrent.

The flat rate shipping thing worked when it was generous. Now, a more complex system needs to be in place, setting a point at which a flat rate shipping fee of some kind kicks in.

Regarding the product: a friend warned me off of them, back when I was into vacuum sealing my wine (which I rarely do any more). Said they don’t create much of a vacuum, and they add too much size to the bottle, making it less convenient in the fridge.

I won’t get this because summer shipping is not offered and I don’t want to chance it with the heat and plastic.


I know rjq likes these and he tested them to show that they do remove air from the bottle (albeit approx. 1/3 of the air only). Personally, I prefer the Vacu-Vin.


So how are y’all doing over here? Everything going good? Need anything reasonable?

No, they just need to reevaluate their business decision and bring back the ‘all day shipping’ that it seems everybody grew to love (or even extend on that offer to make it even better). The trend is that deal sites are charging less for shipping, not more.