EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver (4)

EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver 4-Pack
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Check out these comments from when these were offered this past January

I have a like item it works great.

I bought these based on rjquillin’s comments in the prior offer: http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5842905&ref=cnt_dly_jtd

I like them better than the Vac U Vin - they’re one piece so you can’t lose part of it, and they work at least as well for me. I gave two of the four to friends & have rec’d good feedback from them. I would not lay a bottle on its side with either the EZ Pump or Vac U Vin, though.

The only quibble I have is with the name. They do NOT save wine. We still drink all of it.

This is just funny!
How does the additional height they add to the bottle work out for you?

And I fixed that link for you.

Holy Wine Deliveries Batman! Five boxes in one day - Yikes.

Thanks for fixing self-referential link loop! Refrig door has space for one bottle with EZ Pump “top hat.” Have not tried to store two; we apparently do not have enough self-restraint to generate two half-bottles.

Does anyone really store opened wine… beyond overnight?

All the time. I always have partial bottles of good “cooking” wine at the ready. These would also have been very handy when I was still in the restaurant/bar business where the bartenders were always misplacing the Vac U Vin pump.

According to the master sommelier I took a class with, none of the vacuum systems work. He swears by argon canisters. That’s what I use now. They sell small canisters at Bevmo in CA and you can order them.

I have one of these, and use it. Whether it works is another question - it’s not like I have opened bottles that last more than a day or two anyway. I like it better than the Vac U Vin, and the added height is no problem.


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I bought these last time Woot offered and use them all the time. I agree that it’s still not a good idea to lay bottles on their side.

If I have a bottle of red open but feel like having a white, these help “save” the red while I enjoy my white for a few days. Then I go back to the red and it’s still tastes yummy.

I recommend them for your every day drinking wines. Enjoy!

Why argon and not nitrogen?

Ar is inert, and a bit denser than N.

Yes. For significantly longer.