EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver (4)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, we’re back.

This doesn’t taste as good but it’s quite useful.

EZ Pump Vacuum Wine Saver 4-Pack
$14.99 $37.20 60% off List Price

Wow, the one night I don’t check… :frowning:


Sniff, sniff… thanks.

pm for you

I have used one of these wine savers. It goes onto a standard Bordeaux bottle and holds a seal pretty well. But it’s a little tricky to take it off again. I found I need to press the vac button again, wiggle it with some force, and pray it comes off when I try to remove it. Be sure you have the bottom of the bottle on a non-skid surface when you try to remove the wine saver!

Yeah, that is a difficult one to follow, unless it was some Kronos for $50.

WD, how about you work on that for us?

Bummer. If ya’all hadn’t taken so darn long to swap out that empty bottle of balsam, I woulda bought these with my Candy Basket order…

Orders on wine.woot have to be purchased separately via Pay with Amazon. They can’t be added to the cart.

always working on Cathy. May take a while :slight_smile: