EZ Zap Lantern and Bug Zapper, 2-pk

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EZ Zap Lantern and Bug Zapper, 2-pk
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“works as a zapper for killing bugs”
The problem is, that you probably want it to kill only certain bugs, like mosquitos.
The sad thing is, mosquitos aren’t attracted to light, and so this device will kill lots of harmless or beneficial bugs, and leave the nasty mosquitos alone.
If you want to kill mosquitos, find something that works on mosquitos, like a carbon dioxide trap.

I believe mosquitos are attracted to light

How big are these–the size of my fist? my hand extended? a human head?

This won’t kill mosquitoes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bug_zapper

3.46 inches x 5.08 inches so probably as bag as a fist, maybe a bit bigger.

What about flies? Our community pool has a fly problem and they concentrate around the tables. Would this have enough horsepower to take a fly down?

Walmart has em for $15.99 for 1.

Traditional “bug zappers” that use UV light are effective on and originally designed to kill flies in indoor (read: restaurant) environments.
I didn’t find anything in the description that says how these devices work, so I don’t know. I’ll recommend you do a search online for “portable uv bug zapper” and read carefully to find out whether they are effective killing the kind of bugs (mosquitos, flies) you want to kill.

I’ve definitely noticed a difference when they’re around me and have even slept outside without mosquito bites. I understand bug seasonality is relative, but so has the decrease in mosquitos I’ve seen after using this product.