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Hey Woot, can you get Currie to put their adult electric trike on the site? Wife would really like one.


I wanted the trailz bike last time it was offered, and dilly dallied… now the men’s is offered at more money, no women’s… so I guess I just saved myself some money


What size is this bike? Can a 5’3" woman ride it comfortably?


What’s the weight capacity on these bikes?


BATTERY LIFE 200 Cycles?
I can only fully use/charge it 200 times before it has to be replaced…what?


RIDER AGE & WEIGHT LIMIT Ages 13+ / Do Not Exceed 260 lbs / 118 kg


I bought the Currie eZip Skyline eBike about a month ago, and it was awful. I had to return it. And the Skyline is supposedly the more premium bicycle compared to the Trailz, which is the entry level bike.

Bottom line: the design suffers from two fundamental flaws:

First, the bicycle is itself of poor quality. The frame is heavy steel. The gears and derailers are the cheapest available Shemano components. There is no front differential or derailer - only a back one, limiting the range. The wheels are cheap and essentially treadless. So most of the benefits of having electric assist are eaten up in the drag of an inferior, heavy bicycle.

Second, the electric motor is very limited in what it can do because it does not take advantage of the gearing. The motor acts on the rear hub by a chain, which means that it only operates at one speed. So when you are going up a steep hill, it has insufficient leverage to really help you get up the hill and it heats up. When you are going fast (15 mph+), it can’t keep up and push you at all (and in fact will slow you down if you engage it).

As a result, every time I came to the hill on which I live, the motor would give up and overheat 1/3 of the way up the hill and was left peddling an extremely heavy bicycle that wouldn’t shift or stay in one gear. It was dangerous and exhausting. On the flip side, when I was going on the flat, I too quickly outpaced the ability of the motor, and so was left essentially unassisted again.

I returned the bicycle. If you want a decent electric bicyle, I suggest you look elsewhere.


That assumes Full charge cycles, if you go relatively short distances I average 5 mi/day
Charges in 2 hours and get over a year out of them again in daily use so say 400 cycles they start to have shorter charge lives.

No battery lasts for ever.


Hello Woot, I just purchased this scooter here but silly me, I forgot to review my shipping information. I recently just moved to a new place and forgot to change my old address. Can you please send it to my current address, I just edited my home address. Thank you Woot!


OK first of all to not have to be licensed or registered… ALL electric bikes must go 20mph or less by federal law… or legally they become motor vehicles.

Hence the motor and gear set up. No electric bike made even the $5K ones have a gear transmission on the motor .... all are single speed chain and most of the more expensive are in hub direct drive. 

The lower end Curries for sure are the electric assist class bike and certainly not for San Francisco terrain. But for mostly flat places they are great and very cost effective.