Ezonics iContact Pro II Webcam With Bluetooth Headset and Dongle

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Ezonics iContact Pro II Webcam/Bluetooth EZ-633
condition: New

$24.99 + $5 shipping


how do you get the BT headset to work with webcam??
this is weird combination…

Is this vista compatible

Previous Woot sale with useful questions and answers

I currently use a woot! jabra 350 BT headset with a woot! cam.

More interested can we use the the headset on other devices like a cell ?

I bought one of these rigs a while back from Woot. NOT WORTH THE PRICE. The webcam is a piece of junk, the headset is very poor, and the bluetooth usb dongle is ok, but you will need the latest Widcomm drivers for it to work on most PC’s. I’d pay 12.00 for this at most. Avoid it!

$40+ on amazon. Not a bad deal.

What’s a dongle?


Manual for the headset

The web cam is not, the headset yes, but only if you update the usb bluetooth dongle to the latest drivers. This setup has drivers for Windows 98, so you kinda can tell its a bit dated.

That little device you plug into your USB port, looks like a flash memory key.

Ah! Thank you!

Thank you for the manual link. Hell this is a deal. A dongel for those who have no BT on their desktop. A BT head set. And a webcam. All for under 25 bucks. Can not pass up.

would this setup work well… work at all with the Ps3?

Gotta love the iMacs with built in camera. Is this compatible with Macs?

Again - Vista? - I’ve looked all over and everyone has the same list only going up to XP???

just check up a couple of posts your question was already answered.

Philip K Dick and a camera for an older Mac. What a great day