Ezonics iContact Pro II Webcam With Bluetooth Headset and Dongle


it is just a standard web cam, if your 360 has a USB port and can auto install drivers then sure, but I wouldn’t take it from me… I don’t know a damn thing about the 360.


The picture looks like you went into the “random electronic crap box” (come on, I know everyone here has one) and grabbed 5 random things.


i bought one from a previous woot offering. the webcam is very decent, i use it to “skype” family halfway round the world and they really like the picture quality. never figured out how to use the dongle, i just use the bluetooth ear thing with my cellphone. a very good deal, i think.


The dongle: A2DP or nyet?


I paid two dollars more during the woot-off. I bought it for the headset, so I could listen to audio without wires (although mono). Windows isn’t very good at supporting the bluetooth dongles, but the software that came with it wasn’t so bad to set up.

However, the headset seems to shut off randomly if the signal gets weak, even when I’m relatively close to the computer (same room).

That could be my Acer Laptop’s fault.

I’m still annoyed that I paid more…


Welcome to SELLOUT.woot.com!!!

(fuck wouldn’t be happy either.)




I have built-in bluetooth on my Acer laptop with Vista. Do you have to use the dongle provided or would using the built-in bluetooth get around the problems with Vista drivers? Or is that only part of the Vista issues?


if you already have bluetooth on your laptop just turn the headset on and tell your computer to search for bluetooth devices. It should recognize and pair.


I bought this at the last woot off. The webcam works well. Install was easy. The dongle installed easy enough, but I haven’t been able to get the headset working with Skype despite pairing successfully. The one thing I will say is the earpiece of the headset is huge. You need to have the ear of an elephant to get it in there. If you want a webcam its fine. If you’re looking to get extra value from the bluetooth, not sure that you get anything there.


Does the webcam work with Vista? (I don’t really care about the other two parts).


– J.P.


As if there’s a single wooter left who doesn’t have a webcam from the last woot-off.




Also me!
Don’t care about the dongle or headset, just debating on peoples previous experiances with the camera with Vista


True that…

working with vista is pain in the rearhole!
don’t even talk about a mac…

bought it… felt like epikach puke!


So is this webcam any good or should wait for a logitech or something? HOORAY 1st POST (applause)