This poor little guy needs HELP.

Having a Mac, my F1 key just slowly and respectfully fades the screen to black ; 0

This is very f5ing.

Sh**ame on woot, they should know that F5 is refresh, not F4

I see you are trying to drown. Would you like some help?

You beat me to it! :slight_smile:

If it were only that easy.

Personally, I think in his condition I’d be looking for Ctrl-Z, not F1.

I’m thinking he should try the ESC key.

Brilliant! You win the comments section today!!

Pushie can help…


I second that! Splendid idea with Clippy :slight_smile:

I read the story about the F1 t-shirt and totally tried out all the different F1 combinations mentioned! Anyone else besides me a doof?

Love the shirt, not the color. Any other color possible?

I am sorry to say that, but no :(. This design can be “remixed” (reprinted) by Woot in another colour… someday

Funniest comment ever.

So, in this Universe, Alt-F4 would end existence – no doubt.

Oh, I miss the paperclip. He was my friend!

Bohsky’s next shirt should be an [ESC] artst