Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono (4)

Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono 4-Pack
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2012 Fable Rosé of Charbono, Napa Valley
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RS number, please.

Offered in the middle of the night during the last Woot-Off (Aug 22). You can guess how well that went for a new wine! :wink:

TexaCaliAli mentioned it in a post last year.

Anyone care to split the offer?

This wine is magic! It was bottled in January 2012, 9 months before it was harvested (October 2012)! Or maybe somebody goofed on the Specs tab.

They goofed. It should show it was bottled in 2013 … per TCA’s post from last year.

Thanks for the spot chu guys. I went ahead and updated the sale.

We appreciate it! :smiley:

Sure, I’ll split with you. U- buy.

Check your PM

Damn, buy this here for a decent price or go to the website and get a mixed case and pay a little more for shipping, but more variety…

I’m torn. I want to try this one!

Hi, My name is TexaCali Ali and I’m a Rosé-aholic. Seriously. I am.

Sorry I didn’t jump on earlier, I just woke from 8 hours of shut-eye.SNAP!

So…for those who didn’t listen to the Vintners Voicemail or don’t know me from a whole in the wall - I’ve been around helping WD for a few years and about a year ago accepted the role as National Sales & Marketing Director for a new winery…Brack Mountain!

About the Fable Rosé of Charbono - it’s BONE dry, no RS. The closest I can compare this to is a Tavel from the South of France in flavor. I mentioned this on the Vintner’s Voicemail so pardon the repeat…

We have 2 winemakers, Dan (you may have bought Pellegrini Wines from a few years back) on WW. He earned his keep there as well as Williams-Selyem & Robert Sinskey over there years. John Harley joined us last harvest too as a co-winemaker after working with Bill Knuttel on his private label and was also the assistant at Donum. http://brackmountainwine.com/about-us

I mention this b/c you got me - the one and only- today on the boards, Dan and John are in the midst of Harvest 2013 right now in the biggest way. Pinot Meunier came in yesterday and all of our Anderson Valley Ferrington Vineyard Pinot Noir is in the house already. More on all this later - I need coffee and need to let my 80lb puppy - Sandwich the Doodle out.

Exciting to finally see this Fable Rosé offering on Wine.Woot! - Ali

oh and PS - I can’t bring myself to watch the Fat Gus video. OMG.

I love rose and Ali so this is a no brainier. Now where to put it? Anyone for the split?

very kind! by the way, I often refer to this one as a “two bottler” the wine goes down easy.


Edit: And Done!

Last wooter to woot: MarkDaSpark

Edit2: Or you can split with losthighwayz and I can split with the Tot.

I can take a bottle from one of you SoCal folks if you like. I can’t justify more wine but I really want to try it! Not to mention, it’s Charbono!

So now we have eight to split between you, Sparky, Klez, Cortot and me?

PM replied.

So I gathered that SoCal folks have ordered but have no idea who I split with.

PM for you

This sounds yummy…thinking, thinking, thinking…

hey there, a few answers from private message questions I will share…

Yes, this will absolutely be tasting great over the next months and year actually. A good Turkeyday Rose indeed.

We often drink our Rosé too early upon release. As long as the wine is stored correctly the 2012 should last at least another 18 months, but god lord don’t wait that long to enjoy this bottle!

With the production level being so small, we released this only on our website and to a few small fine wine shops and restaurants throughout the US.

Brack Mountain wines are only found in 14 states, so our mailing list is huge - we are also announcing our first wine club within days.