Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono (4)

Fable Napa Valley Rosé of Charbono 4-Pack – $59.99

Winery Retail Price: $80.00 ($20 a bottle)
Average Shipping: $16.00

2012 Fable Rosé of Charbono, Napa Valley
CT Link above


Interesting … but I don’t need 3 more bottles of it. Anyone want to split?

I don’t think they actually sold any of this. It appears they just took it down and put up the next offer. Strange. New format/strategy?

No, they’ve done it before. But with everyone asleep, it wouldn’t have hurt to leave it up.

Especially for a new wine and with 4 bottles. Hard to take a leap of faith then.

Edit: TexaCaliAli mentioned it in a post last year.

WD, it would have been better to put this up when more of us were awake.

Agreed. I would have been in on this wine. Only thing I would have purchased from the woot off.