Fablefire's Foxes

If that were the case, I would buy them.

You were expecting her meat bunnies series instead?

I found Cow Tipping (Anvil MXL) at Goodwill today for $2.49. I passed on that one, too. Would have considered it for $1.

My favorites are Lucky Stars and Sudden Death, but I would definitely go for the meat bunnies.


Really happy to see this pop up during the Woot Off. I posted to the appropriate channels, hopefully a few people will get the break they’ve been looking for on some of her older entries. :slight_smile:

The internet is for foxes. Didn’t’cha know?

So much for every 20 minutes. Now I don’t know when to check back. Evil shirt.woot is stealing my sleep!!

Sleep is overrated.

I hope it doesn’t go over 30, cause I will get seepy.

sorry if this is all too obvious… but what is “AA”?

The writers could have gone with this.

You’re foxy and you know it… heh heh

American Apparel

AA is the acronym for a shirt brand American Apparel. It’s a much better shirt blank, that woot used to sell all shirts on, then switched to anvil (eww) after bumping the price up $2 per shirt.

What’s wrong with Anvil?

I was looking through all my t-shirts and 90% are Gildan.

Shrinkage and necklines so loose I might be able to wear them as pants.

No need to rehash it all here; look in this thread instead.

The typical Gildan 2000 and 5000 may be heavy rough carded open-end cotton, but at least they don’t lose 10% in length … unless you’re talking about their 64000 Softstyle … they start out shorter already and then shrink too. And for a ringspun, they’re still not that soft. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of those either.

when compared to AA, almost everything. they shrink a good size, to size 1/2 even with cold water washing. the amount of loose threads per shirt is high, and the length of the shirt is shorter. plus, the fabric is harsh on the skin even after multiple washings with softener, while AA is nice and soft right out of the bag.

OK, thanks!

In spite of my griping, there are shirts I dislike even more than the Anvils used here; I do take overall value into consideration, though, hence my reluctance to purchase.

I’m just glad they aren’t paper thin. I really hate the super cheap materials they are making some t-shirts out of, these days.

I stopped buying at Threadless for a while because of their use of sub-subpar shirts. Then they came to their senses …