Fabrique Délices Cassoulet

Fabrique Délices Cassoulet
$29.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Traditional French
PRODUCT: 1 Fabrique Délices Cassoulet


That’s what took so long. They had to run to the corner store to find something in the bargain bin.

This looks appetizing

Ahhh - no.


I’m all for pricey foods–but $35 for canned soup? I’m hoping woot has only one of these! Bring on the cheese!


Just a reminder that this Saturday is the RAID!!

Raid on zTimBz & Sparky’s Wine Lockers info.

So if you are in Southern California, this is the time to visit those internet weirdos!!

http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/3189/winewoot5stagesofaccept.jpg" width=600




Bargain bin? A jar of soup for $30 was in the “bargain bin”?

Just LOLed at work… least appetizing thing ever!

Was that pulled from the toliet?

Ha ha… that’s funny. Not sure I want to eat duck meat from a jar!

Would these be free-range ducks?

Um, Really?? Blech

I’m not one to normally call an item a woot off killer, but this…I really hope they only have one.

A jar of soup for $30? In for three!

They had to run to Canada to find this stuff!

This has GOT to be the most unappetizing-looking Wine.woot item ever!

Gruel w/ meat @ $30 - not for me.

Haters gonna hate. Love pretty much anything full of duck fat- in for one!