Face-Care Replacements

Anyone have any idea what these actually FIT on? I bought these last time around and they do not fit on a Gillette Mach 3 body…

My gf ordered them for me thinking they were real ones…Read discription too fast…
Don’t be fooled by this junk…It is literally crap. While mine did fit the mach 3, the foam pad that is on top and bottom of the razor cartridge, will come off during your 1st shave. The blades are the worst Ive ever seen and will have to make 3-4 passes for a shave your real mach 3 could have done with a blade that is a year old… Sad part is I do not even have course hair…
Shame woot would offer such crap to the loyal customers who come check this place out for daily deals… -1 from me!!! Product is unacceptable in this day and age…

Has anyone used a sharpener before like this?

The blades are absolute garbage. I read too quickly thinking that they were Mach 3 vs Mach 3 “compatible”. Terrible quality/edge. Plan on spending X 3-4 the passes you normally take and some minor skin irritation to go with it.

“Gillette Mach3 GMCH-500 Compatible Replacement Cartridges-8 Pack”

Seems pretty dishonest if they are not made by Gillette since I don’t see another brand name anywhere.

Like the other reviewers, I too made the mistake of buying the mach 3 blades without reading and they were garbage. They all felt dull and I used each blade only once. Don’t bother with these.

I ordered 2 of the sonicare pro replacement packs… anyone know whether these are sonicare products or some no-name cheap stuff? based on the discontent people here have expressed so far about the razor blades, I don’t have much hope.

I bought this the last time and from experience…ABSOLUTELY USELESS… DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT.

They are compatible, not the real thing,
I wonder if I can use US dollar compatible money to buy these Gillette compatible razors.

I recently bought a RazorPit (http://amzn.com/B004W2UMDW) and so far feel like it’s legit. Blade feels like new. Certainly helps with defraying the cost of Fusion blades, though I’m also a fan of Dorco and Harry’s.

These are crap. Got suckered on these a few times back . . . HORRIBLE

As many have stated before me, these Mach 3 replacement blades are junk. I unfortunately bought a lot of them and it will cost me more using these than buying authentic Gillette products.

I bought these toothbrush heads the last time they were up for sale. So far they have worked great for me. They are not Sonicare brand, but fit my toothbrush perfectly. The brush on them seems a little smaller than the Sonicare brand, but that really doesn’t matter much. Hope this helps!

Welcome to the WOOT! face shredding purchase site… DON’T be fooled by these “replacement razors” (we all remember how well replacements worked for the NFL ref’s)! You will not like these…
You were warned!

It is sad that woot would sell these again. I know I wrote to them about these being a crappy product, and it sounds like I wasn’t alone. Boo woot. I’d take them down now before they hurt your reputation.

Could be worse…could be the KING OF SHAVES!!! Don’t know what I’m talking about? King of Shaves

I always do love the comments when these are being sold!

EVERY one of the above posts should be a quality post! They are in my book! This is information that is pertinent to the sale and advice based on actual experience. But I guess Woot! wouldn’t dare give a Q.P. to someone not praising a product…

Waste of money! You would be better off saving your old dull blades and re-using those. I bought 2 of these and had to throw them all away. Seriously, my old blades are better than these. Very disappointed in the horrible quality.

I’m still waiting for the Woot! buyers to put together a Woot! Plus package of wet shaving equipment - safety razors, shave brushes, stands, mugs, bowls, blades, creams, soaps, etc.

Get to it Woot! Offer your customers some quality old school shaving products! Chop chop! :slight_smile: