Face-Care Replacements

An 8-pack of genuine Oral-B replacement brush heads is $40 at Costco and are German made. These “compatible” brushes are Chinese knock-offs. They might look the same, but don’t expect them to be equivalent to the OEM product.

These razors are not even close to the quality of Gillette. I bought these last time and I took one stroke of the razor and threw the entire package away.

The Gillette-like blades remind me strongly of the “King of Shaves” British razor offered herein last year … in that they suck out loud. I bought 'em, because I’m a cheap SOB, and got about one shave off each blade.

Thanks for all the heads up, guys! Almost bought the oral b brush heads AND the razor blades.

Woot should list if they are knock offs. :frowning:

Razor blades were shoddy. Don’t buy.

I was pleased with the sonic care brushes. They work very well as replacements.

I found something odd about these replacement heads. If you use gel toothpaste, they last 5-7 uses before breaking; but, if you use regular toothpaste, they last very well. Something in the glue holding the parts together seems susceptible to something in get toothpaste. Go figure.

Bought one pack of the Oral-B replacements - Cheap plastic, doesn’t fit, comes apart when removing from toothbrush, poor bristle quality … need I go on?

I purchased the clarisonic replacement heads last sale and while I haven’t actually used them yet as it hasn’t been time to change the head, I did try one out and found that it worked as expected vs. the ones I had purchased from groupon that didn’t spin right.

I purchased Philips-Sonicare PHX-1K Compatible Replacement Brushes-8 Pack and 2 Clarisonic products, on December 12, 2013. I received the Clarisonic products in a timely manner, but I have yet to receive the Philips replacement. I already sent two emails to woot support, but have yet to get this resolved. My recommendation is DO NOT BUY SONICARE replacement heads. I think whoever is the supplier is likely to rip you off. I don’t know how to resolve this, so may be I need to dispute the credit card charge.

Sorry for the trouble, I’ve passed your info along. You’ll hear back from someone soon.

“Enough blades to last up to two years”

Eight blades, two years. Whaaaaa?

Ah the classics. The latest Oral-B brush-heads are now Chinese made… but are still better than these “compatible” models. (These women must be using the crack-laced ones.)

Save your face Wooters… I too bought these thinking they were a value, only to find that they are less than adequate cheap knock-off.

Not happy they have returned.

Note to woot… Find some charity to donate your entire supply of these face ripping, blood letting, less than acceptable and not nearly comparable razors to or feel guilty for ripping us paying customers off!

That tricky “compatable” word is easy to overlook. Thanks to all for making me realize that it means these are knockoffs and no deal.

I got a bunch of these about 2 months back, and they are the worst quality razors I’ve ever used. They’re so bad that they will actually fall off while you’re using them. They get dull in just a few days, and I’m very disappointed with them.

these were on saleaday or tanga last week. just a vendor making their rounds

Isn’t it odd that razor blades have gotten so complicated (expensive) that we now have knock-offs?

That’s a good part of why so many people are switching back to double edge or straight razors. That and you can get a better shave and save money.

“Gillette GVNS-500 Venus Compatible Replacement Cartriges - 8 Pack”


I made the mistake of buying them the last time they were on Woot thinking they were name brand Gillette Venus cartridges - they’re not, they’re crappy knock-offs. Once you take them out of the packaging, the cartridges do look a lot like the real thing and they do fit Venus razor handles…but the blades are terrible! I used two cartridges so far and with both of them the blades shifted causing them to lie flat against one another which prevents them from being able to cut anything. Wish I could get my money back!

Still waiting for a Woot Plus with old-school shaving equipment - safety razors, safety razor blade packs, badger hair shaving brushes, brush stands, shaving bowls/mugs, shaving cream/soap, straight razors, stropping leathers, etc. :slight_smile: