Fact or Crap Dare Trivia Game

WTF?!!? more cards?!

The fact is, this ain’t the crap you’re looking for.

Finally, a classy game…

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

Google Alert filters for woot+crap just went off like mad.

Oh God No! Now I know whats going to be in the BOCs we won earlier! No!!!

This is for everyone who missed out on the BOC today… Some crap trivia.

In fact, I dare you to buy this crap

Hi Lauren!!

I admit - I chuckled…

Awesome write-up on this one!

epic fail, woot! The servers are the fastest they’ve been all day.

I must say, the writing certainly has been creative and crisp this woot.

The family version of the sex cards.

Fact, this Crap is gonna take a while…

Lovin’ this writeup. You tell those crazy no-fair Crap buyers, Woot!

I do it the fair way. Wait. Watch. Click.

Seems like Fap or Cract might be more fun.

Crap… definitely crap.

At least this one comes with more cards in the pack.

Dude, the jedi has spoken, move along.