Faders and Meters


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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Great for the Soundie in your life!!!

What’s with the weird dangling strings??

Now that’s Awesome.


My friend is a DJ, I bet he’d love this shirt.

It looks cool, Nick! Grats on being printed. I’m not sure if I want to wear a whole radio face on my shirt, but the concept is cool.

Awesome Indeep reference woot. Now I have to listen to the song now.

I think the idea is wires from an older model radio.

Huh, kind of reminds me of Aegis’s shirt from awhile back. Pretty cool, but it looks too big on the shirt for me to buy.

Still, glad to see Riff getting printed :slight_smile:

It’s cool just a little too “meh” for me. Actually, I’d feel like a Lego person wearing it.

Nice riffmaster!

Ooo… yay! More sound geek shirts. <3

The shirt i quite good is definitely wearable i may get one if it is not sold out

Brown, not my fav color but a cool shirt for you audiophiles.

Really cool … sold …

very neato. i like the jellyfish

Perfect for my sound tech friend.

Being a sound tech I just had to get one of these. once a sound geek always a sound geek.

I’d buy one if it didn’t have the dangling wires…

Really like the color scheme though.