Fagor 4Qt Pressure Cooker

First buyer! Wife’s birthday is coming up!

I want some flatware please!

I already have buyer’s remorse. It’s only 10 bucks cheaper than Amazon.

What does one cook in a pressure cooker? These have always seemed mysterious and dangerous to me.

Give me some reasons to buy one (but keep in mind that I’ve set my stove on fire three times already).

I’m in a similar boat. I’m familiar with them in theory, but I’m wondering if they are worth the expense for a two person (single pops, one kid) sort of home. No one I know under the age to 60 even OWNS one anymore!

I’m planning on making Kingsford Diamonds.

Anything you would steam or boil (vegetables) can be done in a lot less time with a lot more flavor!

I have the 6qt version made by Wearever. Works really well - and is a lot cheaper than this. Also, have heard that the plastic stuff on here is not too resistant to the heat…

Pressure cookers are awesome for cooking things fast especially making moist, tender meats such as corned beef. We use ours for making things involving dried beans, stock, other items that would need hours of simmering on the stove can be cooked in 20-30 minutes. These aren’t your grandma’s pressure cookers, they are well constructed and have very safe relief valves on them.

Pressure cookers are pretty useful. The best way to do it is to make bags full of ingredients and store them in freezer bags, pull the ones you need out before work. At the end of the work day, just pop the contents in the pan and it’s done in 10 mins. and tastes better than pan cooked food.

Is this big enough for canning purposes?

For $4 more you can get a 6-qt from Amazon? http://www.amazon.com/Fagor-Splendid-6-Quart-Pressure-Cooker/dp/B0000717AU and free shipping.

For one thing, great chili!

Alton explains them better here:

Basically you’re looking at drastically reduced cooking times for things that require long simmers and cooking.

So true! It can take up to four hours for me to cook chickpeas on the stove, but with a pressure cooker, I can make them when I get home from work and still have dinner on the table by 7.

$59.99 on Amazon no deal woot

A little googling will show the value of using a pressure cooker. I decided I had to have one after reading a lot of discussion on the Home Cooking board of Chowhound. (But full disclosure, I don’t have one yet and have never used one.)

Reviews on Amazon for this item cover the spectrum from “worst piece of #$%@ ever” to “best thing I ever bought”, so some careful reading is advised. Of note, in response to your question, one reviewer found it to be the perfect size for a 2-person hh.

I’ve been wanting one around that size, but I think I’ll pass on this woot.

Can you fry things in these? Fried chicken, egg rolls, etc…

Cracked ME up, anyway…top shelf, my friend! Top shelf comedy right there

In the past week I’ve made a bolognese pasta sauce, hard boiled eggs and baked potatoes.