Fagor Michelle B 14pc Cookware Set

Woot game?

Fagor is based in Spain, and they distribute in the USA through Macy’s and Amazon. http://www.fagoramerica.com/about_us/about_us

Their production is in the following countries:
Production Plants:
7 in Spain
5 in France
1 in Italy
1 in Poland
1 in China
1 in Morocco

30min before midnight we guess the upcoming item. I’m the only one who got the color right! Alas, I didn’t win. :stuck_out_tongue:

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100 less than retail, without the knives!

We need a new set of pots but…what the ??? is QuanTanium??? And is it safe e.g. non-carcinogenic?

Seems to be PFTE based. :frowning:

Other than that it looks like a great deal!

Would anyone care to explain why “PTFE based” is a bad thing?

I had a roommate boil water in a PFTE pan and forget about it. I awoke to a horrible smell and a smokey kitchen with a pan literally stuck to the burner.

That said I love PFTE skillets. I use them for eggs, but that is about it.

For the same thing Teflon is a “bad thing.” There’s evidence that Teflon (and other PTFE based substances) releases volatile compounds above 550* (F). These compounds cause death in birds, and flu-like symptoms in humans. There’s debate if they also have long-term effects in humans too.

In this link, it states that the set is made in China:

And Quantanium does contain PTFE:

For comparisons sake, Woot big brother Amazon offers a supposed $400 Cuisinart 10-pc set for $106. Four Amazon consumer stars.


Both sets involve the chemical about which there is some debate about safety.


Here is another review, but PARTS of it seem ODDLY SIMILAR to the other one that was posted before… as in word for word.


I still think I will get one, BUT I CAN’T DECIDE ON A COLOR!!

EDIT: Went with Red.

Didn’t read the 2nd review you posted, since you indicated it was identical. However, the 1st does add a disclaimer at the bottom that the reviewer was given the set explicitly for the review…

The copy does sound very much a shill review. Exhibit A:

“The multi-layer internal reinforcement of titanium creates outstanding resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear and is PFOA free.”

Likewise, I find it hard to believe that the reviewer could not successfully cook anything before receiving this set, and now cooks like a pro.

That said, it looks like a decent set of cookware. Not crazy about any of the colors. But I would really like to see a few uncompensated reviews for it before taking the plunge.

OMG!!! Thats a lot of Pot.
Can Woot really sell Pot here???

PFTE is on the other side of the pan. What stuck to the burner was the metal itself, not the PFTE. I’m sure that would of happened to any other pan that didn’t have PFTE.

Its the gases released, if the PFTE material is exposed to 550+ temperature that causes all those symptoms and or death in birds.

In for one, great price.

I was ready to pull the trigger, until I saw this on Zappos:
“Hand wash only, towel dry.”

That doesn’t work for me and my laziness. Pass.