Fagor Paella Pan

Looks cool, but I’m done with Teflon.

Actually it’s not a double letter; “ll” is a LETTER in Spanish. It’s pronounced differently than “l.” (Kind of like “w”!)

I’ve been making paella in the wrong pan all this time?


Got the 16" on previous woot, nice pan.

Saw them use this on BBQ U to make paella on the grill… in for 1

I’d eat Paella all the time if only I had a pan to make it in … oh, wait, no, that is totally untrue.

Of course, this coming from someone who owns an avocado peeler, pineapple corer, and mango wedger …

My sentiments exactly.


okay, I gotta know. Is your username your name, or does it mean something clever and I am just too naive to figure it out. Not that I am trying to get you to reveal your true identity. Google the word and -wow- you’re everywhere!

Regardless buying or not, I was hoping this was the woot dish. If the pictures are a sign its no dice.

This has been up for about an episode and a half of How I met your mother… Come on. There should be some sort of timer.

“W”? No, I wouldn’t say a “w.” Listen to the first pronunciation of “paella” and you hear it’s more of a “ya” sound.

I agree. I could use a new digital timer. My old one is dead and I’m reduced to counting “one-one thousand, two-one thousand…”


Sorry, I didn’t mean it’s the same sound. I just meant “ll” a single letter made from a doubled letter, like W (which is actually called double-V in Spanish).

Actually, “ll” is pronounced more like a “y” sound or a “th” sound, depending on the region. “Paella”, for example, is typically pronounced “pie-ay-yah”. Oh, and sometimes it’s more like a “j” sound.

Some items are on so long that the mother was a daughter when the item was initially displayed.

Does a mother ever stop being a daughter?