Fairies Tunnel

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Fairies Tunnel
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Looking forward to the comments for this one.

has the “tunnel” become the new WOOT!off killer? It has for me…buh bye…

it seems the mods can do magical things with ones words…

I been heartbroken ever since Tink went up the river for that eternal youth pyramid scheme a few years back. But now, with this fairies tunnel, I have a way to bust her out! How many do I need to get under the wall?

Oh man, really tempted to get this for my cousin’s daughter. I’ll look up reviews real quick.


no kids, no reason to purchase. As a guy in my 30s with no kids, this would probably look awkward in my living room.

sorry woot, gotta sit this one out.

If it zipped up at the end or closed off somehow, I would totally shove my devilish kitten inside.

Seriously? You are leaving the entire woot-off because you don’t have interest in this particular product?

If you have a rabbit, you should buy this. Tunnels are bunny-crack.

Perfect for my granddaughter! In for one!

Why does everyone keep talking about “baby new year”?

Did I miss something?

I think there’s a nightclub named this in my city…

actually, if I had room, I’d buy this for my cats to run around in. they would love it. note to self :
need to build on a new rec room for cats

To woot or not to woot. That is the question.

Have a 2 yr old niece that would probably love it, but am pretty sure her parents are already sick of all the toys the grandparents spoiled her with @ christmas…

Yay, I got bunny crack for my granddaughter’s visit!!!

Any my first closeout - woot woot!

Parents LOVE massive room-filling toys that the kids get bored with in two hours!