FAKE ID: Even More Anonymous


I have created this new thread with a nefariously-created fake woot ID for the sole purposes of asking all of my fellow wooters to post messages only with their “alternative” woot login names. If you feel led, feel free to admit how many fake IDs you have and what you use them for. I’m curious to know how many wooters would admit to using multiple logins and why they use them.

I’ll start.

I have about 6 fake IDs and have no apparent reason why. I have no plans to buy woots with them. Over the course of the next few days, I hope to randomly post here under most of my fake IDs to give you clues.

I fully expect this thread to die a slow, public death and drift over to page two quite soon.

Thanks in advance for your fake ID honesty.


Jigga Jigga yeah, fake ID fake ID!



Why would anyone create a fake id on Woot? That’s dispicable! :tongue:


I think I agree.


You do. I’m sure of it.




I can’t imagine anyone making up a fake name to maybe trick woot judges into thinking they were tgentry or twallis…


Uh… this already is my fake ID. Do you want the real one instead?


Uh… this already is my fake ID. Do you want the real one instead?

stupid computer…


No real id’s allowed here.


Didn’t mean actual identity…


ferreting out the weasels?


If you say so.


I insist.


Stay away from women. That’s my motto.


Sorry…not a fake id…but I think this is one of the funniest threads in EBW. I can’t wait to see what happens with it! Now…on with the phoniness!


Was wondering how many qwerty or uiop names are out there?


Awright, awright…I couldn’t help myself, okay?
Finally, a vail of deceit has been lifted from my eyes. Thank you, kneny9226, thank you! --NJGuitarGod


Aren’t all Woot ID’s fake?


I like to consider them my other personalities…