Fall Auto Sale: Auto-mnual

But where the heck is the tractor lift? I saw the picture and got SO Excited, but then, nothing… The anticipation of a deal on the Woot for the tractor/lawn mower lift was HUGE… The disappointment of having no opportunity to buy one has devastated my psyche… Woe is me…

Oh man, sorry to disappoint. It’s likely that the main picture was from a previous sale and that specific lift probably sold out last time around. :confused:

Please put jack stands under the mower at your next photo shoot…sketchy

First thing I thought too…man dies from chopped off head caused by mower deck…

Ditto…had my itchy buy now finger all warmed up and then nothing…

Bad reviews on same/similar jack:

I thought “Creeper Seat and Stool” meant it could be used as a creeper, a seat, or a stool, but I eventually figured out it’s just a seat on casters or a step stool. A creeper is a very different device.

Sooo how about removing the pic if it’s completely irrelevant?