Fall into Fashion!

Ah, fall must be beautiful for those of you that live where you actually have seasons besides summer and winter. We go from green to brown in the blink of an eye.

Love giant Sequoia, got it in it’s original brown, the olive looks great too. I wish more shirts would print on Olive!!! Nice assortment this week.

Falling into missed opportunities! Love the chance to get at some of the tees I missed out on.

How novel.

I dithered on Autumn Breeze for-freaking-ever. Can’t wait to buy it as a long-sleeved shirt! (On Friday, when I get paid!)

Transitions in long sleeve is listed as being on Anvil, while the other two long sleeves are listed as being on AA. Is that accurate?

Edit: the listing for Transitions (long-sleeve) has been updated to note that the blank is made in the US, so it looks like the original description wasn’t correct. Thanks looking into that!

Are aprons and bags going away? I would love to have the Jimmy…Is That You? on an apron.

Thank you Woot!

Every Hoodie / Long Sleeve Tee design featured in this side sale is also offered in the T-Shirt format!!

There’s at least 3 shirts here I’ll be buying this week, these are some of my favorite designs.


Am I the only person who thinks that the regular shirt Woot should come with a hoodie option?

I would seriously love to see some t-shirts to have that option for a few extra dollars.

Thank you for putting jimmy is that you on an American made long sleeve woot!

Attn Woot Devs: The Seasons (t-shirt) sale is showing the stats from the original print.

That’s how it works for most of the side sale shirts that have been sold before. Unfortunately, said stat link does not include the number of sales; that requires searching for the original discussion thread. grumble

Interesting and unfortunate. I only noticed because it first said there hadn’t been any sales, but after I purchased the previous sale stats starting showing.

I might buy the long sleeve Autumn Breeze. My copy of the short sleeve tee is still in perfect condition (but very big on me now since I’ve lost almost 40 lbs). Decisions, decisions.

That’s really interesting - thank you for mentioning it. I just pulled opening numbers and some of the shirts didn’t have stats available, but you clarified why - and now they’re appearing. Thanks for the info!

When I clicked on the link I totally expected to see the Foxfall Hoodie on there. I bought it last year because I couldn’t resist (love foxes!!) and everyone loves it haha :slight_smile:

“Jimmy, is that you” is not offered in tshirt form. I don’t think it ever has since it’s original print. It was, however, offered as an apron in a side sale a long time ago. Guess I’ll have to spring(fall) into the long sleeve one.

this. yes!

Wouldn’t it be nice if more of the fall shirts came in long sleeve options? For those that don’t do tshirts in fall or pull over hoodies. Hopefully, winter has better options…