Fall into Fashion!

Another vote for more long sleeve shirts here. If Rake Break was one I’d be buying.

When I saw the title of this side sale I was very excited. Then I clicked on it and… What???

No FOXFALL?? The best fall shirt of all??

And only 3 long sleeves?? Really, Woot, fall is the time for long sleeve T’s and you only give us 3? Not to mention only 2 zip-ups?

Good designs overall, but as a sale of fashions to wear in the FALL…fail.

Looking forward to receiving my randoms so I can size future hoodie orders.

Haha. Nebraska will this year. We have already lost a quarter of our leaves.

I vote for more long sleeved tees too! I’d love to have Four Seasons in a LS. Kinda bummed there are only 3 offered this time around…

I’m just looking for a break. So hot in Iowa compared to most summers here, and so less green than in other years.

These designs are all so damned beautiful!

You couldn’t do cool breeze in a hoodie, or long sleeve or tote???

A hoodie would be wonderful.

//sigh maybe next year

I love that shirt! Guess I’ll order another short sleeve.

Can anyone comment on the shade of brown on the pull over hoodies? Or even a picture maybe?

Seconded, would love that one on a pullover. I hope one day woot gets to the point where they choose the designs for the theme and you choose what you want it on.

I also hope one day they return to t-shirts that fit me :frowning:

Opening Numbers
Four Seasons In One Day 2254
Seasons 4592
Cool Breeze 6412
Autumn = Embarrassment 3801
Autumn Breeze 1481
Fiery Autumn Colors 3958
Summer To Fall 1044
The Last Leaf 1682
Autumn Aviary 1762
Fall 3022
Giant Sequoia unavailable
Rake Break 2068
Maple Leaf 1421
Transitions 6659
Fractal Tree 7795

I definitely would have done an ABT if the Cool Breeze one had been on a bag or a pullover hoodie.

I also wish the 4-seasons-in-1-day had been a pullover hoodie.

Being a female of the fairly chubby persuasion, pullover hoodies are more my thing (read: less fitted and they drape better in the larger sizes) than the zip up hoodies.

I have to say, since I chose to never buy another my-size woot shirt again (I have been suckered into a few kids’ ones), I’ve been really bummed that the designs available for the weekly sales aren’t available in all formats. All the designs might be available as t-shirts, but not all the t-shirt designs are available as all the formats (pullovers, ls tees, bags, etc) and it’s a shame, because I would really like to own some of those designs. It’s been tempting a couple times.

But my After All This Time shirt sits on the hanger in my closet, mocking me that I love the design but can’t wear the shirt, a sad warning for me.

That’s exactly the same with me! I see that shirt all the time in my drawer and I’m sad it doesn’t fit me at all! I’m on the small side and the small womens shirt just hangs off me.

I also like pull over hoodies cause they’re just more cozy than a zipup.

Fall rocks - all two weeks of it in N. Florida.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed that the fall shirt I missed last year that I REALLY was hoping to find was not in this batch.

The one that had the circumference of a pumpkin / by the diameter of a pumpkin = pumpkin pie. I wanted to buy 2 of those, one for me and one for my ex-calc teacher grandpa who loves pumpkin pie as much as I do :frowning:

Hang onto your pumpkins! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t be surprised if Easiest Thanksgiving Recipe appears in a Thanksgiving-themed sale closer to November.

Darn darn darn! I was excited to replace my family’s Jimmy is that you shirts, as my boys have outgrown their original ones. Please add it in t-shirt!! In So Cal, long sleeve just won’t work, it’s usually in the 80’s when we go to the pumpkin patch, LOL.

What about long sleeve t’s for women? Wish you had them because I LOVE the “Jimmy Is That You?” shirt but unfortunately they only come in man shirts.

I vote for women’s long sleeve shirts! Please!

Why no lightweight zip-up hoodies? I used to have this one with a moose on it (from somewhere else, not from here) that I used for years and years and years and it just got too disgusting and full of too many holes, and also the zipper was broken. I’ve been dying to replace it, but so far the only lightweight zip-up hoodie I really wanted happened to be during a time where my budget was too tight to get it.

Now I have money again, why won’t you take it, Woot!?

Also, for those of you who are disappointed in the lack of long-sleevers, might I recommend thermals? I love them, because they let me wear my short-sleeved t-shirts year-round.

That was so many hyphens.