Fall is Golden Pullover Hoodie

While I love Woot, the shirt deals are never really deals…ugh. $12 for printed tees and $20 for hoodies is not a great price.

I use to work in the t-shirt printing business. We made (and the company still does) a killing selling multi-color printed tees at $8 each. We charge(d) medium-large size retailers in the $4-$5 a shirt for large orders.

Our costs were anywhere from .25 cents to $1.50 each depending on the shirt.

I love some of these shirts…I just can’t pull the trigger knowing how cheaply they are produced :(.

So want this, but the size offerings are not going to cut it here. 2x nowadays is like a mens large, plus they shrink up. Gotta get some larger sizes!!

Website, please!

This is the fleece hoodie (standard sized), not the jersey hoodie (very slim sized).

Don’t bother. As much as I gripe about the Anvil blanks use here, I’d take over any carded open end cotton blanks the OP is describing.

$0.25 … maybe for rejected shirts that are good for dust rags.

Apples and onions comparison. Note that the OP is citing the past; while $1.50 is still possible for new blanks, these are not 5-digit quantities of one design. They’re low quantity, printed on combed ring-spun cotton, with the artists getting paid a commission.