Fall of the Phoenix

Leaf detail excellent, such a feeling of caught in the moment of transience

Now this is some classic Shirt.Woot right here.

Beautiful design celebrating fall, intricate details, and charm and whimsy to spare. I love it!

Beautiful blend of colors.

This goes great with Falling in Leaves from a while back! Amazing job, Malo. My compliments to the whale as well!

Reminds me of a parakeet I once had.

That’s dang pretty, right there.

The detail is beyond beleaf.

Beauty of a design. Well done.

Is the zip hoodie material different than one sold in April? That one was $18 and this one is $26. Is this thicker or different material?

Also, beautiful design!!!

That might have been the lightweight or jersey hoodie. This is the heavier weight for winter.

I don’t see a clear picture of the zipper hoodie. Does the zipper go all the way down?

Yes, the zipper is full length.

Are there any designs currently sold on jersey hoodies? My wife keeps stealing mine!

They will say Jersey in the title and features if it’s a jersey style.

Aw, no 88mph glow in the dark reprint? I want that one so badly!!