*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

pretty, but no…

holds breath for the season of change

Nice shirt, grats on your printing!

Sorry, but another one just not for me. Keeping my fingers xed for tomorrow night …

Congrats to the artist.

grats k on printing again…

not really a fan of the disintegration… some of those details will probably be too fine to print… at least all the little specks seem like they won’t.

meeeehhh its okkkk…ehh i"ll save the 10 bucks

A little generic looking… simplistic image without any sort of sentiment or meaning behind it. Meh. Well illustrated though.

It’s nice - but it’s not asking me to buy it.

Same here, I’m for dsladek’s it’s incredible and haunting.

I really fucking like it. Forestry student. Ordered.

So far nothing but "meh’ and ‘do not want’. Where are the hundreds of ‘I’ll Buy This’ that voted it to second place?

Well, this was my favorite in the derby by a lot, glad it made it. Now sokowa’s just needs to take 3rd and I’ll get 2 this derby :slight_smile:

whatever happened to just cool shirts…these are something my weird aunt would wear to a flea market…


I dig the design, I think the placement is off by a little though, for my tastes anyways.

And I think I might have bought this had it been printed on black or white. (With a palette change if printed on White of course)

I like the design, I’m in for one.

Love the placement and design. In for my second shirt of the dirby.

Another forestry/dendrology student in for one, but I knew I’d likely end up buying at least two of the three from this contest =)

L = I

Boring brown shirt. Might be good as a geocities free page background. Too familiar of a design. Good artist & talented, but its been done before. A lot.