Falling Alice

Way cool!

Lookout below!

Cool. Takes on Alice are usually so colorful but I like this shadowy mood.

Any chance for a close up of the front panel of the hoodie? It looks to be Alice, but inverted from the main design, maybe?

this is the coolest design i’ve seen in a very long time…

Thank you for all the comments, guys! Really awesome to get such positive feedback :slight_smile:

Classy, elegant. I love it.

Because Mike D. loves you, an additional graphic was added. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Give Mike a hug. Pretend you’re me, just don’t make it weird.

May have to buy this 1; for the feel of American Mcgee’s alice and 2; for the cheshire, dormouse, rabbit and hatter hidden in there that I didn’t even notice at first! Wonder if there’s more…
edit: YUP! teacup. haha

A hug is far less weird than Joel asking me to scratch under his chin… Juuuuuust sayin. Haha!

Yes, that’s all of them, I think.
Also, the rabbit is holding a watch but it’s very small.

I checked the catalog, and it looks like this is your first print, so congratulations! And please keep designing and submitting; I like your style.

I LOVE this design. I want a zip hoodie, but am unsure of the size. I looked at the size chart, but according to that I’m smaller than a size small. I usually wear a Medium in the standard women’s woot t-shirt, so I’m really unsure what to get. Can anyone help me? Any experience with sizing of the zip hoodie?

I’m a guy, so I’m only making a guess here, but I would say get the small. The zip hoodie isn’t contoured, so the little extra width is probably welcome.

How do I get the sweatshirt?

No sweatshirt was offered. The option for the jersey zip hoodie was only in the debut day.

It may be back in the future via a woot plus side sale.

This design made me place my first order at woot. Great work.

I’ve been printed on shirt.woot twice before but under a different name :slight_smile:
Thanks for kind words! I plan to create more designs in this dark, desolate style.