Falling Dreams



Help I’m falling and I can’t get up!


Absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad this won!


Love the colors…well blended it appears. Reminds me of my favorite anime, or two, or three…


I used to have those dreams…


Sooo, if Icarus was killed because he flew too close to the sun how come this looks like it’s night-time?


I love how the blue feathers look like they’re glowing!


It’s a long way down ; )

On an actual comment about the shirt note, there is both grace and a sense of plummeting. Nicely done.


Does that mean my face is the sun? :wink:


I don’t buy it, blue is my favorite color but I don’t think this matches the myth. Icarus falling to earth should be bright and sunny, not dark and glowy.


If you ever hit the ground as hard as he did, you would understand why it got dark in front of his eyes and he even saw stars.


I sort of buy it. I took it as a play on the title, as falling dreams are pretty freakin’ scary.

TBH I had to do a double-take when I saw the derby name because I didn’t see what falling dreams had to do with Greece. Then I realized it was Icarus, dreams falling apart, ha ha. Yeah. Slow, I am.




WOW. I think I may have found a new favorite shirt. patrickspens never seems to fail me…I actually wore one of his shirts today to work too. :slight_smile:


IMO, it’s a view of the feathers in the water


Well… Woot’s write up - which should almost NEVER be taken literally - is about Icarus. The artist, however, isn’t referencing him. You can see by just how the wings are drawn (how they’re connected) is referencing something else - hence, “Falling Dreams.”


he’s falling from a high enough altitude that the sky is black, but not so high that there aren’t a few gas molecules to knock his feathers around.


The derby theme was Greece, so I definitely thought the artist was referencing Icarus… I’m afraid I don’t see anything else in the wings, although I’d be more than happy to see what it is you’re pointing out. Can you help me out?


Very pretty! Congrats!


I feel like bright golden yellow colors would’ve made this even better. Ah well, great shirt, consider it bought.