Fallout Zoo

Such diversity!

Oh, my God. It’s so adorable. And creepy.

Yeah, mostly creepy.


Poor thing, he needs to go to the special eye glasses store now.

Reminds me of the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons. I think his name was Blinky.

nuclear war is your friend

Three i’d. Nice job! :stuck_out_tongue:


…I feel better.

Three eyes, radioactive signs, the feeling that people may be or are staring…

This shirt should be all the rage with genetic engineering ‘lab rats’ the world over!

I’m going to buy one for all the friends I have on my three-eyed chipmunk boards. So cute!

I don’t know why but I find this shirt very disturbing…

Ha, great concept!

So what happened in 1979? I don’t seem to remember an apocalyptic/nuclear event…

Meh… needs more radscorpion

Three Mile Island in 1979

Poor bird, I hope he never gets into an ass kicking contest.

I hear the roaches get real nasty in the zoo’s bathrooms.

They’re all gonna barf puppies when they see it, I’m sure. :smiley:

The slightly psychotic smile of the squirrel is a bit creepy, but all around adorable!!

A little to many Prozac this morning perhaps?

Bassanimation, you have a 3rd eye?!

Is that 3rd eye as in ‘extra appendage’ or ‘omnipresent and all-knowing?’